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#21DaysOfJournalling-Day 1.


Welcome back to A+. Super stoked we are finally getting to the challenge. Watu wako aje lakini?  I hope y’all are fine n loving the taste of life 😃.

I know on Friday I promised to share the curated 21topic liners before today but I’ve had such an eventful weekend of family shenanigans n celebrating the life of our granny I could hardly get time to find some quiet n come here. Apologies.

Moving on swiftly… (Why do people like using this phrase though?  Do you know what swiftly means?  Can you move swiftly really? ) anyhooo, as we were…I struggle with consistency. I don’t understand how I struggle to be consistent at doing what I love? Isn’t that an irony?  Well,  this challenge is my little attempt to break a habit n hopefully start channeling consistency in what I do 😊. I invite you to join in if you please n let’s see if we can  stay committed to us for 21 days.  Don’t even dare shake your head,  I have a huge problem with consistency and trapping myself in that procrastination  prison every now n again. If you suffer from my disease too,  let’s try this for 21 days n see wussuup 😀 .

I hope you keep coming back to read for the next 21 days. I hope to keep coming back to write too .

Let’s start breaking a habit lovers, here is the list of journal entry for the next 21 days for those who want in on it, even privately 🙂


DAY 1:Best Family Memory

Hahaha. We have so many. I can barely pick one and they get better with seasons n age.  When we were kids, the scramble for queen cakes was the bomb 😂😂😂. Funny thing is ol man always bought just enough for all. We were just those kids yaani. Then, booking crust a day before every breakfast 😂😂😂. If you didn’t book that tomorrow’s crust is yours, you joined the others in eating the other parts of bread. Now that am remembering this I think we were such diplomatic kids hahaha.

Today, however will make it in the Memory Lane book and thought I share it with you, here.

Let me break it down…

Today is the day we woke up n had dinner n breakfast at once in the AM 😂😂😂. The US who were home woke up so hungry  that myself n my sissy in love went to the village supermarket which BTW allow me to brag of the developments in my village : is now cooking n baking food locally for residents. You know like kina tuskys n stuff? Hadi it’s written Mama Liz Food Court 😄😄. Don’t hate on us, I literally saw this super market launch from some tiny dingy supa that am just amazed at what it’s grown to. Kinda here to remind us that from little things, big things grow. I will share a small video I sent to my longest  childhood pal in Germany coz We’d marvel about our village supa together. Yep. Cheap thrills will be the end of me aki.

So where were we, sigh, I keep playing mental tourism!! Oh yeah, we got stuff n was so thrilled ati am purchasing sausages in the village. I keep telling you lovers this village called SEGA is one you must visit n interact with it’s people. 😂😂😂 . My sissy in love is quite the Bree in our family. Remember Bree of Desperate Housewives?  Remember how she loved cooking n feeding her family, guests?  That’s exactly how my sissy in love is. It’s always good food good, cook outs with her.

Me n her took to the kitchen n threw down (Hi Mandii) a meal for the family while listening to Dido 😀. BTW did you know that if you put your phone inside a glass it amplifies the sound? I did today thanks to our Bree again 😍.

We made a meal of rice, sausage curry, kachumbari, fried sausages, tea, bread and fresh juice! N boy didn’t we eat!! I love how we love food. I thought this would definitely be a day I will always remember n to top it off, the who’s camera is the best camera selfie  wars just crowned the day.

It’s 9:48 pm,  wanna make some munchies, tea n catch an episode of STAR which you should start watching if you ain’t already then sleep.

Goodnight lovers n thanks for stopping by. Let’s vibe on day 2 tomorrow!!


Ps: Pics are of my siblings. Adallah 1, 4, 7, of #Adallah10 and sister in love aka Bree 😀.

















Love x Light xSunset


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