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Dear ❤ers



I’m here on a beautiful sunny Saturday! I’m also wondering why am not out there wandering about, instead I’m half sleepy in bed trying to have a conversation with another boring person on the net on a beautiful sunny day.  Is there anyone out there today who’s been looking at their phone n only one good morning text showed up?

Anyone who woke up preparing breakfast, in the company of Saturday morning music and fat, short beefy sausages swimming in oil?

You know those who spent the morning cleaning up? Who spent the morning catching up with their clothes because their clothes are interesting… “oh denim,  I’m so sorry I got you so dirty! But you do rem how that evening was no? I had to get a better view of the moon. Sorry I sat down on the balcony without dusting the floor. That was a beautiful night though sindio?

Hellooo there skirt with elephants, rem the day we met? Gurl you were so big, your care taker kept telling me ‘haitakutosha, hiyo ni kubwa Sana… Ni ya mmadhe’ (it won’t fit you… That one is too big… It’s for a mother). Rem how I was so attached to the elephants n sunshine images on you? Your vibrant red green yellow black colors. I knew I’d take you to the gym, n you’d lose weight, n then I’d slide in your DM… N before you knew it, we’d be all over my IG n stories….

Anyone who showered at 11. Those long showers that you’re so sure you’re talking to God. You lather the face towel so softly enjoying the bubbles form and the scent intoxicate your nostrils… You smile n start this list of many thank yous to the Old G! You laugh at certain things the OG revealing. You get guilty of a bad thought, get speechless to express it, shrug.  Those people who never finish prayer… Those people who love long Saturday showers…

Aaaany one who had breakfast at midday? Team tea, bread blueband and jam! Add in surprise sausage? These people on this team are the real OGs. They have no clue what they are going to do afterwards esp now that they are so full… And a movie just started on telly.

They try to follow but; [these two gentle men are fighting tooth n nail (always wanted to use that phrase) inside this state of the art museum ish building]… Hehehe, but these people watching keep drifting past the commotion n the fight  n get engrossed in checking out the paintings in the back ground, the chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, photos on the staircase walls… 

For reals though, anyone now being softened by sleep so sweet, seductive n calming… They lay in bed n remember they had bookmarked some blogs to read. Their Instagram notifications are popping, their fav IG personalities have posted, they quickly log on n spend a few secs admiring n getting inspired…one person on their contact list has pooped up…

Hey, how are you?

Them: good good

This good in essence means I’m wearing sweat pants + tee, lying on my bed on a Saturday no mood to step outside yet talking to myself on the blog hoping there is another person out there reading this because they too are having #AnotherOrdinaryDay




🎶This is not a dreadlock thing… It’s divine conception of the heart 🎶 Morgan heritage lovers wusssuuuuuup 😜



Chillin with a fan 😓





Hey wendo, thanks for hooking up my hurrrrr!



Get out n feel the sunshine showers ☺☺ you there … Not me! I’m sleepy 😌

Love x Light x Sunshine!!

Good night, looks like am sleep writing. ☺


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