Day 14- My views on Education!!


Weekend vibes? Sato vibes? Not been up to much other than cleaning up, girl gossip with my gurl and getting booked!! Can’t believe I was home n didn’t catch the sunset. Anyhooo, Day 14!!!

My views on Education and whether I think it’s important or not.

Hehehe. Why did I chose this journal entry though? I feel like y’all are about to think am mental.

Well, I’m a lover n seeker of knowledge so I think it’s important BUT I don’t think the Kenyan Education system is important. Am talking 844. I happened to be lucky to experience both highschool in Kenya and Uganda n to be honest the UG system is waaaay meaningful. I just feel that we go through a lot of crap in the name of learning yet the one thing I wish I went to school to learn or was taught was SELF LOVE. Call me hippie, but am those people who think self love should be taught in schools coz everything we do comes from an abundance of self love or a deficiency of self love.

So there you have it…knowledge? By all means yes!!  Education? Eeer…unless it’s education on how to harness your inner power not some set curriculum that will just give you an illusion of who you are n meant to be.

Allow me to hit the shower and catch up on my night ins dates with the TV n remote.

Thank you for passing by.

Love x Light x Sunsets


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