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Gratitude List!!!!!

December is here!!!


How are you lovers??! Has the December fever caught up with you? Maan, am writing this at 11:32 in bed playing Chronology small time reflecting too…
My December started on such a high note literally!! Dec eve was lit af as le boys launched #NoTouchAm a music project between Blinky Bill n Nneka. Think, Ousbone, Kevo Abbra n Magetto!! Sic production yaani if you get time pass by prokraft studio n cheki the exhibition!

The vibe was so right that night!! I love it when creatives come together, pure Energy that can’t even be put to words. It was awesome catching up with Lyra Aoko who btw has launched a new creative hub that any creative can get space to create. Like how cool is this??? We spoke in depth on collaborations n setting standards for each other to up our tiny vibrant industry. Lyra is an amazing creative. Check out her blog.

We ended up laughing at a parking lot at two am coz Sly had forgotten where she put the food receiptπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ , yes, two am and meant to be up by 4AM!! See my life? Chicken has never tasted that good though.

See how my December started??

Am looking forward to more Good vibes now that I may not be home for Christmas!!

Has the year been good to you? We still have about 11 days to make the best outta it.

Before we review the year as per what we set intentionally on Jan 1st, wanna share my late Nov gratitude post.

By now if you follow us here, you know #Gratitude is a big part of our lifestyle n we must always find time to reflect on blessings!!

November was an interestingly busy month. We hustled for 2018 plans!! Lived. Loved, laughed, got pissed n ate a lot!!

What was I grateful for?

1.God. Always. In all Ways. I don’t know who I am outside of him. Forever grateful.

2. Space!! I finally moved to my own space n I love it. Love the neighbourhood, the green, the trees, the serene!! Also my neighbours are really chilled out peeps. My Nigerian neighbours are so loud though. First days I thought they were fighting kumbe ni story tu wanapiga.
I love this little space of mine n cant wait to re work its walls, n fill it up in plants!! Looking foward for some DIY crafts for the walls over my two day work brakeπŸ’ƒ

3. Family: The Sunday branches that came with November were priceless! Love. Food n laughter. Oh the steak at Karen Blixen is life!!! Also, their dessert range sooo yummmy!!

Under the Rader blessed our taste buds with some tasty pork spare ribs too that I can highly recommend you try them out.

4. Growth: I have noticed how I react to things especially things that would normally piss me off kitambo has changed n am approaching things with a more elevated approach. Am calmer when tackling issues unlike how I’d blow up n be mellow dramatic hahaha. This may look simple or silly but am grateful, am loving this me.

5. Meditation: The lessons, revelations, promises. All of it. I loved it. I love meditating as its the only way I get in touch with who I am, I mean who needs a musty head? My inner voice becomes clear n I can hear myself without outside noises. I always feel so fresh n renewed after meditation. Do you lovers meditate? If so share how, your experiences, etc.

6. People: Met some really cool peeps last month like Pierre the Frenchman at Alliance, we gel-d so fast as I learnt he is into NGO stuff n was awed that I do radio n write … We talked about live music, our fav artists worldwide, that’s when we found out we both love ol skool reggea music n being a wed, it was ‘Wadada’ night at Alchemist n tht’s how we all ended up dancing to roots n culture with tons of other reggea lovers! Ugh. Priceless moments.

Random sessions with some ftee spirited humans n getting to talk all matters everything waz just amazing!! We laughed n laughed n never at one moment did we rem we are strangers who support different political parties.

I honestly live for such moments.

7.Wangari Maathai: I love her so much n grateful that she devoted her entire life to the fight for conservation n preservation of karura forrest which has become my fav hide out lately?! RIP power queen!! We shall keep spreading the message!!

7. Inspiration: discovered some fearless creatives this month on the blogsphere that filled me with lots if inspiration when mine was running low. Sometimes all you need is another’s light to keep sane.

8. Wake Up Crew!!!!!

Yooo. Listeners of our show!!! If you are one n you are reading this, you are the bomb!!! Grateful for the warm welcome on #2FM, the interraction, the company eeeerday, the good vibes n most of all for crossing over with us. You make it easy to be. Nawalove.

All in All Nov was bomb despite the little life things here n there.

Hope yours was filled with goodness m more goodness.

December is here!!!! You ready to end it? I am. Can’t wait to do the last reflective post !!!

Enjoy your day/night ahead lovers!!

Love x Light x Sunsets.




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