Hi, Thank you for stopping by 🙂 .

My name is Ruth Adallah “Dallah”, Every time I try to define myself I feel like I confine myself, so scratch that. Let’s just forget that intro part 🙂 .

I am the one behind the blog; ‘ARTitudeplus’ . Lover of the ARTs, Crafts, Nature, Consciousness and positivity in life as a whole hence the , plus ( +)

This space is purely INTENDED and DEDICATED to cultivating & sharing my artistic passions, love and energy with the world and that sometimes in other words involves random outbursts of color, selfies on any camera I lay hands on and eye brow raising moments with food, goats, butterflies and trees.

Art of any form to me is simply a way of SELF expression, love, freedom, authenticity and awareness.

ARTitude plus is inspired by firstly my love for writing, passion for the ARTs & Crafts, Nature, the beauty of little things in Life, and the strong intent of adding positively to the global narrative of awakening our collective consciousness and humanity.

You know that moment you walk past a garden of blooms and something inside you tells to stop and soak up in the beauty , colours, feel the energy and capture the moment?

That state of being that pulls you towards something you love and all you gotta  do is answer the call, no fear, no excuses, no judgements? That attraction to me is what I call my… ARTitude.

– A state of be-ing! Of honoring and living my light, sharing my energy, living love, cultivating my passions, and embracing my authenticity with the intention of inspiring others to seek, embrace, honour, share  and shine their light.

To know and awaken to that part of YOU that connects YOU to the greater YOU nowhere else but inside YOU is the only authentic power