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another GRATITUDE LIST :-)


Amosou kanyo (that’s hi in my mother tongue), how are y’all doing as we usher in last final six of the year!!! It feels good to be back here, and glad you are here too, welcome :-). Despite having some low moments, the first six have been nothing short of beautiful and liberating! I feel growth n it feels so damn good!!!

As usual, thank you so much for keeping it here this far as we celebrate yet another personal post that is the #GratitudeList. My ultimate gratitude first is to Source, and all of you who always spare some of your time for me! I heart you. I can never write everything that am grateful for coz am way too blessed yo but hopefully just share a few…

JUNE was a beautiful month!! It doesn’t get sweeter that it was my birthday month. I am so grateful for all the goodness n lessons that came out of this month! Wouldn’t have it all any other way!! To all my usual suspects that made it worthwhile, mnapendwa sanaaaa!A1

For me, it’s always the random-est n simplest little things that tickle my greatest fancy…the things that make me eat life with, forget a spoon, a whole spade!! I found joy n abundance in little packages.

So what am I grateful for? What brought good feels n vibes my way last month?

  1. Source/God : I AM because YOU ARE. Seriously, without sounding like a hippie-priestess -woman-gon-save-the world-typa-vibe, have you ever wondered what would happen if God was not there? Yup. Let that sink in. Thank you for being there God. I am not afraid n ashamed to hail you! I AM because YOU ARE.A7
  2. June: The wander-lusting, merry making, the laughters, the giggles, the conversations, the sunset chases, the late night calls, the revelations, the growth, it was a beautiful month.
  3. Experiences: I ticked off hiking a hill and getting immersed in the lake water!! It was so liberating especially immersing in a large mass of water!! I have always imagined there are so many creatures n not my fav spongebob under the sea, that can bite or tickle me under water so doing this was a high on it’s own!!a10
  4. Mother Nature: It’s been a min since I had a sunset moment n the best one yet was on my birthday!! I had been in studio all day, that after work, decided to have my cake watching the sunset!! The best part was dragging along a friend who had been sick all week to catch the sunset with me! It was so beautiful watching her marvel at the time lapse ahahahahaha. It actually hit me not many people have watched the sun set. You know not the “oh wow it’s so beautiful let me snap a pic typa watching” Am talking the actual watching of the time lapse! It  is the most magical thing one can ever watch. Yaani, it just happens one min its colorful next min its dark n if you are not keen you miss to witness let alone, capture it! So next time, please don’t take pics of the golden moments without actually experiencing the golden moments unfolding sec by sec. Did she just talk about the sun setting for a whole paragraph? YUP! Try it, you’ll get it, and if you don’t, aki ask for you life fees! You got a raw deal hihihi!a9
  5. Music!!! Anyone who knows me knows that music is in my DNA hahaha (Hi Judy, Diana, Miriam my kareoke partners, I promise to stop singing only Nesta’s songs when we go out. Yeah. I lied.) Did I tell you lovers that my dad left behind a bar n a hospital? Like…just in case you dance n dance till you break your leg then the hospital comes handy!! Nice thought dear ol’ man!! Working at a radio station just fuels my love for music more and making me wanna share more n more of my favs with you as you share with me. Aint no nostalgia like finding new cool music n June came with good hits like, Chainsmokers n Coldplay ,Nyashinsky, Cheat codes n Demi Lovato duet, Davido-Fall, just a few have been my ear worms!!
  6. Books: On book 5 of our #50booksAYearChallenge currently reading THE STUD by Jackie Collins all about the twisted Hollywood and boy oh boy!!! Started it just before end month n am hooked!!! Imma review it here for y’all book lovers.  Please don’t laugh, am trying to beat my last year number which was 11. Are you in this challenge? Which books are you reading?a2
  7. Food: So, been trying out new menus, food, cuisines etc. n tried Lobsters!! Apart form the scary scales or whatever they are called, lobsters are just so delish!! Also, why hasn’t anyone told me about chips mayai?????!!! Aaaaah, I don’t have friends aki!!
  8. Style; I don’t know about you but I feel good when I look good n my closet, style, spirit really came through last month to curate looks that made me feel myself more n more. Been rocking lots of grandma skirts, dresses n prints n loving the vintage feel. Still confused about sharing outfit posts so tulieniii, tuuu!a6
  9. Family: I am blessed with the best family!! My nephews and nieces are just the bomb! I love these kids so much. From the meaningless fights, photo sessions, karaoke battles n nickelodeon binj watching, tuko tu sawa na next generation ADALLAH’s 🙂 Also, my dad’s sister!!! We call her Aunty Colleta. So humble n gentle she a queen by all standards of that misused word! I just love how she random calls me wishing me good tidings, blessings and favors! Sometimes I think I get good things coz of her tireless prayers.
  10. Friends, last month came with friendship revelations and lessons. I realized I have not been such a good friend as I should have and am re learning all that. Am learning what real friendship means and it’s sorta sad that I have not really experienced as many genuine friendships or be their for those I consider friends as much as I ought to and was grateful June came with lots of revelations to re learn all that. Also, realizing that even within family, one must have friends n that even within friendship, family can come out of it. Here’s to all who show me what friendship really is about! *you know yourselves* THANK YOU.a5
  11. People: I met really nice kind people who infected my spirit with lots of positivity. Random kind gestures from strangers are becoming my daily drug! Like those kids in some roadside nursery school that keep waving n smiling at me when am on a bike heading to work. I feel like how I think MOI felt when his entourage would pass by n our teachers would line us up to wave at him (read cars) till they were not in sight. SMH!! Lately, they have been way too many hadi I think I must have done something good in my childhood that’s coming back to build 🙂 . One particular person  am grateful for, is my person who literally handles all technical things in this site n other life hacks, (allow me to not mention his name for security reasons hihihi-national treasure) Thank you big foot! I appreciate you! Bless up coz we gon be side by side at the top!!
  12. Movies: Boss Baby!!! I really did laugh a lot watching this movie kwanza at the twisted imagination and super corny script/lines!! If you haven’t, trust me, it will be worth it. Thanks to the creators. Sometimes I wonder what life would be without ART!!
  13. Series: Hehehehe been binj watching Too close to home! Who has watched it? Is it me or it’s just a mwitu version of scandal but with better white trash shenanigans? Like shameless kinda white trash! Too dope a storyline esp when she moves back to Alabama the plot just gets really close to home…aaaaaand its freaking TYLER PERRY!! I love his thought process when it comes to narration and story-lines.A8
  14. Inner strength: So imma be very honest here with you lovers; I had moments of that orphan feeling. I have no way of calling it but if you have lost both of your parents, you know what am talking about. It was so strong certain days of last month that I had moments of feeling so so crappy about it. If what people say about mama’s spirit is true, then am blessed to have gotten a bit of it. I am so grateful for inner strength that gave me the blessed re-assurance that it would be ok and it’s ok to grief. I just still wonder why the more I grow older, the more I crave their presence. Should be reverse, no? Like, shouldn’t I be stronger now, n better at dealing with grief? Sigh. All in all, life unfolds as it should.
  15. Skin: Soooo, I have had some really resistant rushes on my face for so long that a simple routine of soap n water cleared after trying some dawas nkt!! Sounds like a tiny thing but am so grateful for good health, good skin, good body! Vanity just checked in, say hi to her for me 🙂 aaa
  16. Consciousness: I do not know what I’d be if my conscience was not wide awake! It’s my balance. My perspective. My guide n my kukosoa partner that can decide to call me out a good one when am way over my head caught up in my ego. To be very blunt; at this point of my life I only answer to my conscience n passion. Period.
  17. Prayer: I made a prayer at the beginning of June, on my very birthday i.e 1st June and it manifested on the last day of JUNE!!! All I can say is whoever your source is PRAY N BELIEVE! It manifests if you just believe. Best birthday gift ever!!! Those who know…KNOW!! Here’s to more praying, believing and manifesting! God is good to me even when I don’t deserve it at times. Deeply gratefulaa

I could go on n on but it’s raining, am cold n could use some tea n a chapter or two of THE STUD!!



Major ps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Currently working on self consistency n thought a blog challenge would be so dope to see how committed n consistent I can get. Yup, imma do a fun-write-it-down 21 day challenge dubbed #21daysOfJounalling starting on 9TH oh July that’s on Sunday!!! Thanks to pintrest I have seen so many challenges n picked a few pointers to guide the journals that will have me give my opinion, views n sentiments on certain things, topics and issues. I shall share before we start on SUNDAY so you see what’s up for discussion. I honestly cant wait to do this!!

Happy New Month, wishing nothing but your wildest desires, pockets full of soul, sunshine, laughter, food and good sleep.

Word of unsolicited advice: Just BE, you are a BEing!

Love x Light x Sunsets




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