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Hello Lovers,

Can you believe we are one year old today??! Yaaaaaaaaaaaas! It’s our birthday!!

Okay, let me be very honest here with you, I had completely forgotten first of May was up soon…(Oh wait, Happy Birthday my person! You are loved so much!!) Ok, I don’t know if I thought we are in March…like sijui how I did not plan for this post! Rem the last post where I was searching for my mojo? (Here I am about to give you a lame reason for almost forgetting my own blog anniverssary) Well, today I woke in the morning and the first words I saw were the words ‘ Start It’! Yup.

For a split second I kept wondering if this was a meassage from the Main Bae n what I was actually meant to be starting. I woke up late n had no time to start a mental chatter, dressed up n left for work. First foward to 2 hrs into the show, in studio editting n feeling the music n suddenly get this feeling to check out the blog if it was back on coz it had been suspended due to technical issues. Then, I saw it’s 1st May! Yeah, you there shaking your head, I also know very well social media enthusiasts have labour day posts all over the timelines.

I knew I had to start it! One way or the other, we were gonna churn some words. Funny coz when I set out to this journey I decided it would stem from a pure place of TRUTH and PASSION n a part of me was very scared about living my life like an open book opening up my vulnerability to the public. Let’s just say a greater part of me was excited for the challenge and eager to see how I’d keep up.

One year later!!! Not so many posts as I should have but am not gonna get into that blogger story of why n what, nuh, not when Jess Glynne is stroking my ears with ‘Hold my hand’ (Currently playing as I write this). So here we are! First n foremost a big THANK YOU to all who have followed me on this SELF journey! I appreciate you!


Your comments, messages, DMs, encouragement and love is really baffling and humbling. Thank you for being one of the reasons I look foward to coming here! May we all rise in our truth and passion!

Looking back, it’s been a learning and growth chance! Learning that I will always be learning and growing in the most mysterious ways! This one year has taught me a few lessons but one major lesson I have come to experience is that, in the most subtle ways, you will always find the courage you never thought you had, if you pay attention!

From this space, I have met new friends, bonded with old ones, explored places with you lovers, laughed together, ranted n vented for you and learnt from you more than I could imagine. I have learnt a few things I wanna share as I summerise this post and hope that you keep walking this journey with me as we evolve to who we are meant to be! I have some exciting projects currently that I am gonna share on the next #GratitudePost hopefully work load reduces abit so I get more time to be here.

I have learnt:

  1. Pray: Period.

However. Whichever way.

The other day visiting my kid bro in hosi can’t rem how we started talking about prayer n I rem tellimg him n mum that I pray even in the most weirdest times like when am in the loo (Please dont judge), shower or even on a bike! Either way, talk to the higher you! My relationship with God is the only one I am afraid of losing! I love it so much. I’m grateful for it.

2.   Be grateful. In good, bad n ugly coz it’s always just a matter of time before you realise a past experince was a learning point.

3.  DO IT: The difference between Richard branson, Oprah, Barry, so n so n I is that they felt the fear to persue their dreams but still went ahead n persued, nonetheless. So feel the fear, but look at it back in face with a middle finger so high up followed by an index finger and DO IT! Here’s to facing fears more!

4.   Create. Everyone was born with a need to creat a life they love. Don’t be caught up creating anything else other than this.

5.    Connect. Desmond tutu says “we can oly be human together”. One of my all time fav quotes to bring back the balance of life. Connect with real people. I mean, show up for your people, be there for them if you can, inspire each other, encourage each other, build each other coz truly, truly, no candle has ever lost light by lighting another candle.


6.    Don’t take it personal; hahaha I’m laughing coz I use to catch feelings when my friends, fam n people I know dont read my blog or support by sharing the posts n stuff untill it hit me, aki what if they actually dont connect with it? I mean here I am blubbering about an Ed sheeran album to doctor who has mytochondiria to think about (I dont know what that word means or even if that is the spelling but it sounds doctorish). I found peace in appreciating our diversity and being ok with the fact that we are after diffrent things n that doesn’t mean others are bad.

7.     Inspire; I’ll be honest, eveytime someone hits my DM with nice comments of how I inspire them to BE n we get into this banter of just encouraging each other always inspires me too more than! So thank you for all who think I have something good to offer. You are appreciated.

8.      Know your shit/Own your shit/Grow your shit; simple as if you dont, someone else will, mostly not how you want it n that is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.

9.     Peace: Do away with anything that threatens you inner peace including your self defeating drama.

10.     Be accountable:for your actions or in actions. Own your darkness coz its the only way you will be consumed by your light.

11.   Choose people who choose you! Period. Sometimes the baggage we carry around is never ours to carry.

12.   And lastly, chase some sunsets!! No better way to see the grace of God than to see a sunset and realize you lived through the day 🙂


Happy New Month Lovers! May this new month bring you your hearts deepest desires.

ps; A month to the birthday!! At this age, there is no age but progression!

Small ps: Recycling pic hihihi. Yup. Dint plan this post rem?

Love x Light x Sunsets!!


I count resist this sneek peek of my wanderlusting shenanigans coming up soon!!!





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