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How has your hump day been? Welcome back to my blog A+ ๐Ÿ™‚ . It’s a special day for my sister, she just got admitted to the bar and is officially an advocate of the high court of Kenya!! I love it when my people are winning in life!!

My hump day was full of laughter now that I didn’t make it to be with the fam, my colleagues are just the bomb!!! So, today one guy after our music committee meeting, was telling us how he cries when watching an emotional scene hahahahah. Ati he had fully fledged tears when dowry (the animation) found her parents!! (See my IG stories and have a laugh if you please)

So day 11.

Time I was most satisfied in my life.

Well…this is a special journal entry. I call it special coz it reminded me of a time I was fully FULFILLED with how I spent my time.

It’s also a reminder of the year I took back my power from a lot of pain, hurt and negative vibes that were not steering me to a better me. The year is 2016!!!

This is the year I literally packed my bags ki narudi ocha way andย  relocated back home with no idea what I was gonna do or how I was gonna be just trusting in the magic of new beginnings and this little light of mine. This is the year I randomly contested for miss tourism thanks to my sisters and ended up winning the MISS ENVIRONMENT TITLE! (For the love of Nature ๐Ÿ™‚ )

I did not know that this crown would come with opportunities that would evolve my existence, change my life and view on life!

After bugging that crown, I needed to come up with projects on Environmental advocacy or at least address a need with solutions in my county. As though everything was planned from some grand scheme of design, shortly after there was a bad jigger infestation and attack right in my sub county that was highlighted by media all over the country.ย  swear it felt as though Universe was responding to me and my passions and courtesy of the office of the First Lady Mrs Rosella Rasanga, we embarked on an anti-jigger campaign throughout the county and treated pupils and villagers who were infested and even got some donors to provide shoes for the pupils!

I have never felt so good in my life like last year. Considering it came at a point I was being betrayed right left and center by people I trusted, loved and called friends even fam. I let go of so many people and things that I did not think I’d make it alive out of last year. This small actions filled my life in a way nothing has ever filled before and that is what gave birth to my community outreach initiative called ARTITUDE that would later inspire this site ARTITUDE +. If you have read this space from the first posts, you’d tell I was being purged emotionally and as many people say, my posts were so deep! Deep coz I was so raw in my feelings and emotions.

I was exposed to another perspective of life seeing the livelihoods in the villages, the poverty, the hopelessness!! It broke my heart but at the same time opened my heart to more light of kindness, compassion and love. I wanted to do more and more. Growing up, I watched my ol man go out of his way to give back to our community and reach out to offer solutions whenever he could that I felt so good that I got my own opportunities to practice what he unknowingly instilled deep inside me.

I always have a dream of developing an ART Center in my community with necessary information and resources for folks to express their spirits, create and chanel their passions. This is my ultimate dream goal folks! A massive ART HUB right in the middle of YWAYA Village God, willing!!

I sometimes feel bad I don’t get to create more time for my ARTITUDE Initiatives or sometimes am too broke to finance the projects but one step at a time, one action at a time.

If am to summarize last year in adjectives id say : Growth, Laughter, Kindness, Love, Peace, Joy, Compassion, Happiness, Parties and most of all GRATITUDE & CONTENT!

I learned that kindness is truly priceless and you don’t depreciate when you appreciate another human’s existence. Literally!

Ever had a time or times you were so satisfied with life? I would so love to hear. Please do share.

Thank you to all who are anti comment sections but come t my IG and send me dms on the posts! I appreciate you. Thank you for stopping by. Till kesho, it’s golden houuuuuur!!!!



PS: Pics are from few outreach visit in the community, pardon the blurriness.

ps: First pic am holding the mic was last week during a mentor-ship initiative


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