Day 13: My Views On Mainstream Music

Darling lovers!!

When my time comes, forget the wrongs that I’ve done help me behind some reasons to be missed….

Moment of silence for Chester of Linkin Park.

I am heartbroken. Sana. Anyone who knows me knows how much I stan for LP that my password for literally everything is one of their songs! Like many fans, LP music helped me a great deal to soothe my demons to sleep. May his welcome home be as energetic as his performances. Amen

It’s crazy that this is the day my journal entry  is on MAINSTREAM MUSIC!! Maybe I should first start by stating that mainstream music is music for the masses, and is popular among many people. In my own thinking, I simply say it’s music played on mainstream TV and Radio.

I tend to think am such a music junkie that I have become a self proclaimed music connoisseur in my own capacity kikiki. However I’m more of an Indie lover more. If you are not new to this space you know how much I am big on ENERGY and INDIVIDUALITY… respecting, expressing and sharing the INDIVIDUAL that we are. It is because of this deep conviction that I love and totally would route for Indie music any day as oppossed to mainstream music. I am not saying I hate mainstream music, but I feel they lack the authenticity and originality that was churned from the Artist’s soul.

Here is why I say so,

Mainstream music comes with a lot of attachments from sijui record labels, distributors, sometimes even the fans since for such music the main goal is always to reach the masses whether the masses like the music or not. They are in it for both the passion/ART and the business too. And all these come with the product being controlled and pikwad till it satisfies everyone’s need. Whereas, Indie is just for the love of music!! You get it raw and authentic n it’s either you get it or not. Most cases the Indie artists would not even bother to sell or market to people who dont feel their music. They just churn it out and sell it to those who want.

Why do I love this arrangement though? It’s simply because the music doesn’t get lost in the many channels of production and the shenanigans, restrictions and confines of record label contracts and deals. In short, Mainstream music to me is limiting sorta to the artists while Indie music allows creative freedom!! And which creative doesn’t love ARTISTIC FREEDOM???

So there you have it lovers, I love some mainstream music but my heart is in the Indie!!!! Maybe that’s why I love certain artists and music that whenever I mention and guys just go like ….who is that? Case in point allow me to introduce you guys to IRMA!!!! https://youtu.be/ni3WNUXWluM  

Check her out!! Tell me what you feel about her music. Youtube and sound-cloud are my fav music places for discovering new artists.

I wish I could write more on this, I actually almost felt like doing a video on this coz my heart as been so heavy today after Chester’s news I felt like this deserves a one on one convo. Maybe I will revisit this music issue after this challenge!!

What are your views though? Mainstream or Indie?

I really appreciate you for sparing some time to come here. This is my happy place an dit means so much to me that you find it worth your time.

THE WEEKEND IS HERE!!! Allow me to just make a home run. I need some balance maaan. I did not see myself waking up to the death of one of my fav artists of all time and worse off, the cause of death. I am just grateful that despite his demons, he found the little courage to share his MAGIC, GREATNESS with all of us!! Let me stop before I go all emo on you. Nawalove sana sana sana and please, let’s create comfortable environment for other to be who they are, to relax into their beings, and to find it easy to open up when this furnace of a world gets too hot to handle. Let’s take care of each other’s mental and emotional wellness by  being accountable of the ENERGY we emit on them. I get so sad when someone ends their life. It speaks a lot about ow we live with each other more than how stupid the victims are.

Love x Light x Sunsets


PS: I had not yet sampled all of #OneMoreLight only the single #Heavy which I have a whole topic on!!! I might do insta story vids on it. All in all, and all: THE WORLD UNFOLDS AS IT SHOULD.

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