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DAY 16: One Person That Fascinates Me.


Monday done!! How are you my darlings? How was Monday fam? Mine was lit af!!! My colleagues are just some intresting humans yaani. Today’s afternoon show prep was so hot as we discussed rent-a-baes in this generation see my IG stories (@dallahz) and have a laugh at people’s perspectives about dating someone who is still ‘getting their shit together’.

So day 16!!!

Y’all know who that is no?

JANELLE CINDI MONAE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It’s her vibe, aura, energy that is just so so resistible. I marvel at how she has managed to maintain her classic ‘black n white’ look that she describes as her uniform. I realize I sound so lesbo kikiki. I just get so fascinated by how she has managed to respect the individual that she is. She has deep personal convictions and has stayed so consistent with them its almost unbelievable if she is human or battles discipline issues. Ever since I started following her in 08 her brand messaging and core values have not changed.

I love how passionate she is in raising the standards of ‘The Other’ and pro-active in the narrative of our collective consciousness as humans. Her Liberal mind is EVERYTHING.

Her grit and passion!!!! Did I tell you that she is the first and only black woman in Hollywood to start her own record label and signed some of the dopest indie artists like Jidenna, St. Beauty, Nana Kwabena, Roman G etc. She is so determined and it just inspires me since I feel like I have literally witnessed her bloom from a young Kansas girl doing tracks with big boi and outkast to now killing it on international platforms!! I love me some passionate humans maan.

Her pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!! and style!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just google her and see for yourself. I just can’t. Too phresh!!

I think if she comes to Kenya and I meet her I might not even have words to say to her at first…I will have to take a few more minutes to compose myself. This woman is the only mentor I have. It’s funny coz your mentor at least you should talk or have banter here n there…well, we have banter in my head folks…just let us be!!!

So there you have it. It’s not like it was news if you are not new to this space but yeaaaaah…Janelle has my heart.

Who fascinates you and why? I would really love to know.

I hope this day has been kind to you.

Thank you for stopping by,

Love x Light x Sunsets!!




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