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Day 17: My Views On Local Content

Hey hey good people!!!

4 days to go!!!!!!!!!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaas!!

My excitement is getting so overwhelming!! Lovers, we are almost there!! I hope your Tuesday has been fair to you. I had a great day, good vibes at work today and had a quick cino date with my pal Jasmine and it’s just what I needed. Sometimes the universe conspires to send you people to deliver certain messages you’ve been waiting on and all you gusta do is just listen. Thank you so much for the cino ( at one hahahaha we are those babes at the caffe) candid talk, laughs, ideas, support and inspiration for you know wink*. Can’t wait to do this!!


First and foremost I’d like to state that please stop thinking the local content we have in Kenya is just what you see on TV or hear on radio! Infact, the best ones yet are no where near mainstream media. I keep saying this and will say for as long a I can; THE INTERNET!!! IS. THE. FUTURE.

In my line of career, I come across lots of Kenyans who can’t stand Kenyan content let alone know or show up to support because they say it’s shitty! N my question is always “have you serached the whole internet”? Here is why I ask the qst that often offends many people, how can you generalize the whole industry just because of what certain MEDIA CARTELS thought was good for you n put in the public domain for you to consume. There is so much good content out here but since business must be business, you might not get to see some on Telly or hear on radio not unless you go out of your way to consume what’s also on the net.

I truly love and support local content and artisans and honestly believe we as KENYANS are creative af! I mean have you sat down and just seen even the memes Kenyans make online? Or the TTs? You gusta admit creativity ikoooooo!! Maybe just packaging it to reach many people enough to change the negative narrative.

I know of so many blogs, vlogs, YT channels, pod casts that have really dope content from sports, music n entertainment, food (HAVE YOU SEEN MISS MANDII’S FOOD BLOG/VLOG???), talk shows, be it hair, skin, beauty, travel, lifestyle we got it all that you can consume if you feel like the TV is shitty. I will share sometime later on on my fav online content producers.

Also, how dope are our local artisans? Have you taken time to check out the guys at Kariokor market for instance and the stuff they make? Aaaaah you can’t say our products are not the ish maaan. Dude! And the mamas who make those tribal viondos?? Guys we are CULTURE RICH IN KENYA!!!

So there you have it, for me and my fights to respect the individuals we are I will always THINK GLOBAL but BUY LOCAL!!

What do you think about our local content though? Music? Films? Art? Anything local. What say you?

I am rushing to go home get ready and attend quiz night joining our Urban Crew and we gon win!!!

Have an amazing evening lovers

Love x Light Sunsets



My flower Jasmin!!!

My happy flower JASMINE!!!


ps: Pics are from my wandering traces of culture feeding!!

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  • Reply Cheryl July 26, 2017 at 10:34 am

    I likey

    • Reply Ruth Adallah July 26, 2017 at 6:11 pm

      Thank you. Sending good vibes your way too!!

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