Day 18: My Favorite Movie Of All Time

My people’s!!!!

“Si unajua nameless mtu wa classic…uta inspire hadi hiyo remix….I looove this jam. I must admit it did not catch my attention at first but it has grown on me. Nameless is one of the artists who have really played a big role in putting our music industry on the map. The pioneers and I love how he somehow seems to grow younger and even after a hiatus, he always churns a hit!

Day 18 ain’t about nameless! Before I go on, thank you so much to y’all stopping by, keeping up with me on the little challenge of mine and sharing your views with me too. I appreciate you.



My fav of all time, just sue me!! I rem it reached a point in our family my late bro would intentionally hide this film because once we (girls) started watching it, they would not watch anything and if you grew up in a large family with one TV for everyone, you know how the remote fights ended…with dad asking for our report forms and in worst cases even keeping TV in his room hahahaha. Aki we were stupid, we’d steal the TV and boy it was huuuge. We’d carry it to the sitting room and when we hear the sound of dad’s car, we’d rush it back to the room not realizing if you touch a telly that has been on, you’ll feel its warmer hahahaha. I think dad just played our game.

I love this show and up to date I can not really tell you what the storyline is other than a free-spirited nun who becomes a house teacher and ends up marrying her boss. Some people will tell you it’s about the nazi/hitler times and war and so on n on that till now I have failed to get a grip off since I get so overwhelmed by the music, the drama, and the good vibes!!

I love the music!!! Oh this is a classical musical that i’d like to call the musicals BABA YAO!! Yaani things like Glee n pitch perfect are just American hughschool drama n nowhere near musicals! I love all the songs with some notable scenes like when Captain n Maria were crushing on each other inn that lovely twilight duet of “nothing comes from nothing, nothing eveer couuuuuld…” to the kids singing for guest at the party, to duet between Liza n Captain ugh!!! I love it.

The styling!!!!! Damn. I looooved Baroness looks. So elegant and vintage I could steal everything from her closet. The stylist really came through. The casting and location sets were too fresh!! I feel like everyone killed their role perfectly well, like we cant have another maria, or captain, or uncle max or Liza’s boyfriend or CAT oh cat!!! I loved him. I thought brigitta was really beautiful. Did you guys see their home??? Amazing set!! And the set design and art direction? Too classic!

If you have not watched this movie, please get it and enjoy for yourself. I still watch it over n over especially when am so low yaani its a mood booster pap!!

This day has been a GREAT ONE!!! Hope I can share why it’s been great soon enough! All I can say is nothing inspires faith like having faith!

Have a fabulous evening.

Love x Light x Sunsets


ps; Sun came out and it brought out a cold shoulder *wink*

When you can’t believe how amazing the genes fit in jeans






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