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Day 19: Blog the day.


What a long ass n short  day. Yep. Doesn’t make sense right?

How has your day 19 been? Did you catch the sunset 🌇 ? My day started late as I overslept thanks to #Karaokenights n woke up at 8 hungry af! I count even get time to fix breakfast.

I got to work half sleepy half hungry yaani I count see when 7pm would reach. Whoever says lack of zest can attract boredom deserves to tell guys she is called ‘dallah with the good quotes’. My total lack of zest for life today made me feel work was so boring n dragging, my comp was hanging, browser kept on crushing yaani petty petty things happened to just make my day more boring. To worsen it, I went to my favorite kibanda and the pilau was so shorty today Aki. Ever used the last bit of cash you had to buy food then food ends up being bad? I still ate all of it minus the greens.

Afternoon shift was chilled, wasn’t really feeling the playlist which is always the best part of work n at least for some mins instagram stories had me hostage.

The best part of this day as most evenings after work are my catch up sessions with my homie Matara. We can talk for dayyyyyys. Always a good time. I left studio feeling better and looking forward to sleep.

It’s 10:33 pm just has tea n chapo coz am feeling so tired to do dishes n cook. Let me tell you something, I’m those people who can’t cook when dishes are dirty no matter how little. All dishes must be clean first before we cook 😎. I just count nikalenga (ignored).

Haven’t even turned on TV nor Music. Been in complete silence just chilling listening to my thoughts flow 😂.

Allow me to say goodnight. I did not even take pictures today!! Ha. Some days the sun won’t shine.

Thank you for stopping by.

Love x Light x Sunsets


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