Day 20: One Book I keep Reading Over n Over.


TGIF!!!!! I have been noticing time in repeated numbers today am soo spooked hahahah. Ever been minding your business but for some strange reason you randomly look up to check the time with no reason at all? Well, that’s me always. I get this strange nudge to check the time n in most cases it’s always repeated numbers. It started with 11:11. It’s like someone always nudged me at exactly 11:11 whether night or day to check it out. At first it was trippy and then every time I saw it, I just smiled and said thank you mentally for reasons I do not know.

Lately, it’s been either 1:11 or 2:22 or 3:33 or 4:44, I have not reached five hihihi. However, TODAY!! It has startled me aki. I noticed all of them! From one to three!! I have this feeling that this ain’t no coincidence maan. Call me superstitious or whatever, but this must mean something no? Maybe universe vibing back with a message? Like dear “D, you are soon visiting the blue mountains”. Just Maybe? I want to believe there is a message being delivered so lets wait n see what unfolds. I just had to share that I somehow cant get it off my mind and this little voice in my head.

Day 20!! The book is none other POWER by Rhonda Byrne. It is a sequel to the book THE SECRET.

Why do I keep reading it over n over?

Because it opened up my mind to my power and ways of tapping into it!

It is a very well articulated, real, relate-able and for lack of a better word; woke book!! It helped me deal with lots of internal struggle that I was dealing with at the time it creep-ed into my life like bitterness, hurt, grief, jealousy, self doubt, negative thoughts and voices in the head amongst sooooo many inner battles.

I am not into self help books but there is something magical that happens to your perspective on life after reading this! I don’t want to talk more on this as I would love y’all to grab a copy or even excerpts (though reading the entire book is life) and read for yourself coz I know if you are human, you will find it relate-able since most of our inner struggles are so similar no matter the scenario that presented them. I call it my bible! Always keeps me grounded and centered mentally and spiritually too! I am sure calling it a bible may not settle well with others but if you read my views on religion, you get my point!

If you have read it, share your thoughts with me!! I would love to know what you felt about it n if it had an impact on you. I like setting intentions for the day after my daily morning talks with God and sometimes when my spirit is so weak n heavy to set a positive intention, I just close my eyes n open guess a page n whatever it states, sets my intention for the day! So now you know the one book I will always read n go back to over n over till my time runs out.

It has been a loooong week yaani I just wanna get home and CHILL!!!

Have a beautiful weekend my loves. Thank you for stopping by.

ps: I have some news I can’t wait to share here JUST so that we can go back to that Enthusiastic 17 post of 1st Jan 2017 and say AMEN TO INTENTIONS!!

Also ps: Never question your greatness!

Love x Light Sunsets.


#WORD!!!!!!! True story!!


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