Day 21!!!!-How Have You Changed In Last Two Years?

Darling lovers!!!! Wagwan Nairobiiiiii!!!!

What a day to mark this!! What a day!! A friend told me God comes to deliver messages in Broad daylight and today I was the receiver maan. I don’t believe in coincidences n highly believe things happen from a grand design of things.

I am honestly thrilled, proud, grateful and most of all inspired that we made it through the challenge!!

I almost feel like taking on another challenge this Aug n see wussup but maaaan!

My day today which has not yet ended BTW has been full of emotions!!! I do not know where to begin but let’s look at the last two years.

How have changed?

Bravery: I realised that you can’t be fearless. That fear is a natural instinct for protection, that without fear we’d probably walk right into the mouth of a lion but it’s fear that stops us. I learnt that instead what I am n has been is brave. That I simply do things that am afraid of n that normally doesn’t mean fear is not absent.

I made some brave bold moves in my life from 2015-17 that sometimes I look back and wonder how I did it all. The shredding of energy that doesn’t grow or evolve me, the courage to walk away!!

The boldness to live your truth n know that it is yours to honor. I did it.

The courage to show up for my self, passions n dreams even when the only person who believed in the dream was God. I did it.

The boldness to speak my mind even when tears blur my vision and my voice shakes. I did it.

The strength n wisdom to know that I am not my own but a steward of the grand scheme of things. I listened n respected it.

The vulnerability to love n be loved. I did it.

The zest and zeal to be enthusiastic with life and the little things. I marvelled n enjoyed.

If I were to have three words that can describe how I’ve changed past two years: Growth. Content. Passion.

And from this point it can only be an upward spiral!!! Try tame me.

For all the doors they slammed on us, we are coming to buy the building n as Myra once added n the sewer, n we will own their shit too!

I have some news to share n can’t wait to do that post!! Thank you all who keep up with the journey of this little village girl, I see you n appreciate you.

I hope you found sunshine and love today. I have had a long emotional rollercoaster day. Just glad I could make time however late to conclude our post that will go bila pics. (Intentionally)

Enjoy your weekend lovers. Be kind to one another.

Love x Light x Sunsets



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