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DAY 3- My Views on RELIGION.

Good afternoon lovers!!!

I have started getting the hang of showing up here daily :-). How did we wake up? This morning I was such a lazy bum n snuggled in bed for about 20 mins before deciding to start the day. I slept fatigued n woke up with just the mood to travel hahahaha. Whoever came up with the system I hope he has already returned back to sender!!

Sooo, very touchy n sensitive topic today for day 3.


What is it? What determines yours or the one you believe in? I have always been curious of the unknown, the higher realms n beings and this has caused me to read on various religious beliefs that just got me more n more confused.

Maybe I need to tell you that I was raised in a Christian Family, dad was Catholic but I have always thought he went to church for philanthropic reasons based on his many ideologies on religion n its beliefs. Story for another day. I have moved from churches based on age, seasons, circumstances, like the time I was an adventist coz of Highschool in Uganda!! N booooyyyy, I wasn’t so sold with it but none the less, I respect it.

There was a time I was going through a spiritual purge yaaniiii!! Then started going to church but the feeling I got was more of fear n guilt trips if I slipped kidogo n done something that is not according to the laws and  that would literally not make me sleep at times. I was in constant fear n at some point it didn’t feel right at all. The feeling was not Godly, peaceful, fulfilling and that’s when the shift began!!

I started talking to someone I would love to call God by the virtue that was raised in a Christian Family. I would talk to God daily at any chance I got. What was I telling him? ANYTHING and would do it ANYWHERE. I rem making this wish “Dear God, whoever or wherever you are, I want to get to know you, feel you n live according to your will because you know my life more than I do and there is a reason you felt the need to bring me to this life without my consent so please make your script available in my life. Direct my life” N left it at that.

Since then, I have never stopped having this personal, mysterious, deep and private relationship with my source. What am I saying without waking the spiritual me to scare you away? Am saying I am not religious but SPIRITUAL.I strongly believe we are spiritual beings by the virtue that we feel (with the spirit) who are going through a human experience. I have tapped into the higher realm inside of me and learning to listen the still voice inside. I have a personal moment to moment relationship with God or Source or Higher Being whatever name you wanna use. I am also aware that I am not my own and that I belong to the beginning n the ending, the infinity. The All mighty. What the name is or what gender, is really none of my concern. I feel the presence n that’s what matters to me at the moment that should I lose this feeling, I’d not know who I am or whose I am.

I enjoy reading bible stories though, esp from the old testament I mean have you read about Jonah and how the whale swallowed him? Ooooh and the story of Joseph? David n how he loved the harp? See Artists have been there since hihihi. My fav would def be the book or RUTH!! I love it so much. Bold, loyal, friendly and strong woman. It’s a thing with Ruth’s lovers! I know it may come as a shocker to some or not, but I do not go to church nor read the bible ritualistically. I love reading on different religions n just getting to learn their beliefs and perspectives. I am a FREE SPIRIT and not bound by any rituals or doctrines. I’m constantly seeking. Lately, am small time reading on shamans, chakras et all. I would love to read on Hindi history too, so hook me up with books or articles.

One funny thing am noticing that cuts across most religions I have had the pleasure of reading a bit on; is LOVE. To be honest in my twisted head n fragile heart, I believe everything else falls around either ‘a lack of love or a demonstration of love. This is my current school of thought, lovers. Love is my religion! N no, not the sexual kinda Love. I believe in oneness and not the illusion of separation. I don’t think God is separated from me and that makes every natural thing in this universe too OR that I can get God outside of me…NUH. I had to unlearn that. That thought alone makes me feel hella GREAT, INFINITE & BOUNDLESS.

In short: I feel that…

  1. Religion tells me the truth, spirituality let’s me find it.
  2. Religion divides, you know Christian, Muslim, pagan, rasta, Buddhist – Spirituality unites (oneness)
  3. Religion makes me Dependant, spirituality makes me independent by showing me the power inside
  4. Religion creates a journey to be followed, spirituality allows me to create and choose my journey.
  5. Religion applies punishment and reward in some mystic place (heaven/hell), spirituality applies Boomerang; what you give, you get! Your rewards n punishments come right here before you exit stage hihihi. Works just fine with me.

So you may ask; where does your spirituality emerge from? I would say; it’s deeper and bigger than my small mind to comprehend. I just know in  my truth that I FEEL IT and IT’S WIDE AWAKE. Like before this shift, I think I was super dead asleep in my existence. I cant even rem life before being conscious of my INNER SELF. Don’t get it twisted dear lovers, these beliefs are based on my own personal experiences and growth as of present moment. I know this is a topic many would rather not get curious on and would rather conform to what they have been taught and that’s fine if it works for you. For people like us, we have a burning need to seek n seek n keep learning n unlearning. I believe for one to evolve to the next grandest expression of who they are; they must open their minds to the possibilities of learning.

what are your views on this sensitive topic? Feel free to share rem, #Artitude+ is all about celebrating our individuality and respecting the Individuals that we are, so msiogope to express your views on this. I would love to get your perspectives and beliefs too and once in a while when you are confused about it all, unplug from the matrix and listen to the voice that never speaks. Works for me. Let’s learn n grow n evolve together. I honestly cant wait for more n more of my spiritual growth and revelations, lessons and blessings.

There you have it.

ps: Eh, didn’t think I’d really talk sooo much on this. Weeeelll…#MyCents!

Thank you @ThisIsEll for capturing this shots for me and Frida for feeling the vibe n joining in 🙂

Hey Frida, wussuuuuuup 🙂 featuring Frida’s leg n ngomas!

Good Day Lovers!!

Stunttin into DAY 3 LIKE….


Have a Great Day Lovers.

Love x Light x Sunsets




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