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Day 5: My 5 Guilty Pleasures


Allow me to interrupt your #TBT posting and picture sourcing to usher in DAY 5!! How has your day been? Today has been a very interesting day with good news here n there am grateful and am sure it’s gonna endin the most amazing sunset which I have to rush n catch today. Leaving work at 7pm has made me miss so many sunsets am actually going through what looks like withdrawal symptoms.


To be very honest I almost lengad this one n changed it to something else coz I feel my gulty pleasures are just for me to know! Yaani I get embarrassed at time hahaha. Nonetheless, here we go

  1. NO PANTS!!

I love sitting on the floor/carpet pant-less especially after work!! This pleasure has made me severally lie to people am not in the house when they want to pass by and am having my moment. If am sipping tea n watching re runs of Family guy is even a +.


2. Psycho dances.

I really really love blasting music and dancing my heart out when alone in the house. There were days n nights that I’d play ‘Disco’ by Frasha every morning n evening n bust moves and get so lost in the moment that even if you want to steal from me you can! Lately it’s happening with musicals!! I find so much pleasure watching musicals n getting into character too, like how I help Mariah sing in Sound of Music, or How I compete with Rachel in churning Rihanna’s voice while watching Glee, or how I bust into moves when STAR random dance routines pop up!! I think I dance best alone with only God watching!

3. Pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This should have been the first why lie. I love pictures. Very much. When am bored n want to cheer myself up, I just snap it. I even take pictures of myself when am crying on when just  sad hahahahaha. Everyone who has met me and has a good camera, I never care whether they like it or not, I will add myself to their gallery. I always imagine that planet earth is my red carpet and just get into celeb mode and enjoy the moment! I have become a nuisance  to so many people starting with my family by always stopping them to capture my shots in random places and random times hihihi. So next time you see me riding low, just snap it and my frown will turn up side down.


4. Sleeping Nude 🙈

I love. So. Much. Alone. I find it hard to share a bed because of this! After night shower, it’s like my body just wants to feel the sheets. Try it one day if you’re  not already onto it. You’ll never sleep with clothes on.  N I mean nude nude… Birthday suit for 😃. A bonus is if it’s a rainy chilly night.

5.Sucking my tongue

In my defence…I hear if you didn’t get enough milk when you were a kid you end up sucking your tongue or fingers. Whoever comes up with such lies though? I don’t know why I suck my tongue esp when concentrating like this moment am typing this, but I do it feels so good n soothing 😀. I see someone comparing my age n my pleasure!!  Give me a break Miley already sung to us “it’s my mouth I can do what I want to”  hahahaha who am I kidding am super embarrassed about it especially when someone catches me.


Have any guilty pleasures? N not shopping coz think all chics have this disease. I wanna know what they are so do share.

Writing this at 11 p.m after a beautiful evening of mentoring some students and later on dinner with friends. In bed dozing off in 5…4…3…2…1…0

May the day break. Goodnight.

Love x Light x Sunsets



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