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Day 7: Zodiac Sign Reference

Woooopy Lovers!!

Day 7 is all about what my zodiac sign is,  and if I think it has any close truth to my personality.

Mmmmmh. This is so hilarious to me because at the moment, I am not big on Star signs nor believe in them but there was a time my dad buying newspapers meant I knew what was gonna happen to me in the day. You guys!! I would religiously follow what my star sign would say n would not even notice how stupid it was n how it affected my mood, feelings and emotions 😂😂😂.

If you believe in zodiac signs or read them, mine happens to be GEMINI!!(Hi there Pac, Vee n Cindy 😃.)

According to this sign am not sure if am meant to have a twin or? When I was younger I’d lie that I had a twin n she died at birth😂😂. In my defence,  I had no sisters then yet, my bros were just boys you know n I had to come up with a reason why am an only girl to the strange kids who asked me why I had no sister.

I don’t think being a Gemini has anything to do with my personality other than that am an actual GEM hihihihi (vanity just checked in. Excuse her as her ego is bigger than miguna’s mouth) However, my date of  birth- 1st June is one I feel can describes my personality ish.

I mean that’s right in the middle of the year. Halfway. Point 5 😂💥.

Personally I’d like to say of myself as 50/50. Am as cold as warm. I always feel like am forever trying to find balance coz am always tip toeing on either end. Finding balance is a daily desire in my life and sometimes I think being born on first day of the mid year is a clear indication that am meant to be at the centre. That am meant to be balanced….like eat life with a big spoon at night but wake up and unplug from the matrix in the morning.  Moment to moment am always pulling myself back to balance from either side of the rope. That’s just me. One min am happy hanging with people n being the loudest n soon after a short while am craving my silence n solitude. Finding that balance  that equilibrium is a daily high for me. So if being born on right in the middle of the year is anything to go by, then I guess it is.

What are your signs?  I hear Tauruses love their sex. I didn’t say it, a Taurus, infact two have told me this before.

Thank you much for passing by. Week one down!!!  Two more to go

How gorgeous is Myra!!!

Sooooo sleepy, so imma say goodnight till keshooo. Nawalove.

Ps: Pic is as of today, from my Pal’s traditional wedding and I know I promised to talk about this day but… It was too good n so beautiful it needs a post on it’s own. Also, didn’t take much pics  of myself as we were on friends duty 😃

Love x Light x Sunsets


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