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Day 9: Views on Celibacy

Wagwan Lovers!!

Whatitdo good people!! Finally started feeling myself and ready for the week. I was so overwhelmed with weekend shenanigans. So, DAY 9!!! CELIBACY!!! Hehehe.I am just finding out that I have been confusing celibacy and abstinence.

According uncle Google, Celibacy is the state of abstaining from marriage and sexual relations.


Hahahaha. My main question is, WHY?

Nobody seems to answer this question to the many of us who think and feel celibacy is complete bull. If our old folk were just being snatched from the river and lured into marriage, where did the rain start beating us to make us hide from sex? Or sexual relations? Am not even buying the religion school of thought like Catholics who insist on priests not practicing sexual relations and marriage. If love and sex is natural and came from you know, God, then why are some denied this beautiful thing again?? I think we humans really like complicating shit maaaan!

Am guessing you already can tell my view on this.



I have had sex and gotten good sex to erase all the bad ones that I don’t think I can believe in this thing called celibacy.  Abstinence is another issue altogether and this, I can actually do. There was a period I abstained from sex for 8 years!!


Hahahaha too much info but what the hell, imma be real af in here. Now that am writing it I cant believe how I pulled it off. And no, I had no dildos or vibra eggs before y’all start having ideas in your head nor did I lack opportunities to…hihihi.

Marriage is another issue all together, I have no problem or concerns with it. To be very honest, I have never really given it so much thought whether I want it or not as much as the society even has a biological clock for us to get over and done with this. Being raised in an African set up, after graduation and getting a job, African parents expect a marriage n soon after a child ahahahahaha! Lovers, I cant really say much on this. I have never given it some introspection. I don’t mind it and it never bothers me. I just know one scary thought is being buried in someone’s home if I die married and also losing my Adallah name to some new family name hihihi. These are my only real concerns with marriage. Kinda lame but yeah.

What are your thoughts on celibacy though? YAY OR NAY?

Before I started writing, I asked my colleagues their views on it and everybody, ok apart from two interns who are 20 were not for it at all ahahaha. My colleagues are amazingly some of the strangest humans I have ever met to be honest. I love how liberal minded most of them are. We have so many of my fav hot topic discussions, I  hope to document one for you guys someday.

So there you have it. For me, its a NO!!! Sex is good, just don’t forget to wrap it up if you are waaaay active hihihi. Ain’t no shame at all and AIDS IS REAL AF!

I hope you have had a beautiful start of the week and hope it stays beautiful all week.

Thank you so much for stopping by. Bless up!!

Have a great evening.

Love x Light x Sunsets.

ps: Pics still from my Myra’s dowry ceremony!!! I am so happy for my gurl maaaan. Her desires have manifested and I couldn’t be more happier that my peoples are winning in life!!!!


This pic basically explains our relationship; I am always laughing when with Myra while she is always on her phone!!



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