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Enthusiastic 17 Review πŸ™

Good morning lovers !!!

Its the last day of the week…again the YEAR !!

2017 is done n dusted ok unless God decides today is the ultimate ending which makes me so nostalgic like, will I be found wearing this, will the last thing I said been a good thing or a bad thing ?!

Where were we ? Are you excited for the end of the year ? I am filled with gratitude. This year has been all sorts of kind n beautifuk to me am afraid 2018 has more pressure to outdo itself. I wished, desired n wrote about an enthusiastic year !! Am only realizing now how that tiny vow impacted my year…it kept me positive, in faith, n hopeful of good things coming n before I knew it, I was manifesting every heart desire from big things like finally living my radio dream to small things like finally tasting salted caramel milkshakeπŸ˜€ yaani its like God had opened my letter finally n every thing I wrote he ticked n provided.

Its been surreal.

Many people ask me why am so into ART. Why my blog is called artitude n not dallah or something. Well, I don’t know me or my life without art, its the music I wake up to n shower with, to the food I eat, to the books I read, to the work I do on radio, to the words l write here, to movies l watch to fashion I wear to nature I explore like yooo, the tiny things that make up my life are all artistic, yours to if you haven’t noticed yet so yeah, I am not into ART. I am ART.

Looking back, 2017.has been filled with so many great memories, moments and experiences that I can bullet as:

Pictures: We made, curated n created some dope pictures just for the love of photography. I always marvelled at how people are so shy to take pics in public. I love pictures !! Perfect way to freeze time. I enjoyed creating features for our show and engaging in conversation with all the listeners. There is something so good about connecting with other humans. Thanks to this job I have met very interesting people both off n online.

Music !! I love music its no doubt. Like who doesn’t. I sought to rekindle my love for certain artists but did not really get to as much. I met the music of SZA !!, chainsmokers, chronixx (chronology) , Mandela, Dido n Imagine dragons that really dominated my playlist.

Fun fact:writing this eating left over pizza and sipping left over wineπŸ˜… because, we can’t waste food…n someone’s winery skills right ?!

Books: Oh two books inspired me this year !! BE Extra Ordinary by Robin Sharma and BIG MAGIC by Elizabeth Gilbert !! As much as I did not attempt to put effort on #50booksAYearChalkenge this year, (shame on me) these two books opened my mind n being to new ways of seeing life. N to me, that’s just fine. I urge anyone living a creative life to get Gilbert’s book ! Sooo amazing n her humor n wit sooo classyπŸ‘Œ

Movies: This year I was not such a tv bum but ‘This Is Us, Imposter, The Mick, You’re the worst and def Insecure made it in my list. Oh Insecure !! The messy ending, I cant wait for season 3!! This is us is soo emotional yaani I used to cry hahahaha. Can’t wait to continue. I’m not sure I watched Prison Break or I dreamt about it…πŸ€”πŸ€”

Adventure !!!
Oh my days this year was filled with adventure n wanderlusting moments ! Finally ticked my bucket list of Thika falls, Chania Falls and 14 falls !! Please, make some time and go see these glorious magical places. I just hated how 14 falls is so paper littered. Its like they dump plastic paper in the water. So bad.
Misawa Eco lodge escapades where we had beer n fish for breakfast n lay on humungous hammocks by the lake.

Nandi Hills !! Oh the hike, the falls, the joy at the top to friends being silly enough to sip whiskey on top n struggle all the way down hahaha.

The sunset chases at Hill camp, latenight boda rides, Alchemist shenanigans with usual suspects, Karura trails !!! Cheers to good times.

Family: Am so grateful to the good things that happened to my loved ones. My bro joining campus in penn, sissy being admitted to the bar, big bro getting the job he really wanted, my aunt who taught me how to pray getting a scholarship, my cousin’s clotheline reaching far n wide, new babies, birthdays, brunches, lunches, dinners, shopping spree and home karaoke with the coolest one of them all Ajudo …ugh soooo much love for my people.

Meditation: Who are we without knowledge n awareness of who we are ? These moments were great. Powerful. Enlightening. N calming. One key thing I learnt this year about myself is “am slowly learning the art of being calm in how I react in a rather tense situation. This is major for me ! I also started practicing non attachment n letting every moment be what it is by staying present. Tough but not burden some. I wish to practice this more into the new year.

People: Oh I love people. Met some really interesting peeps this year. Pierre, Esther Njoki lil girl on the street with cutest smile n big heart, Samuel street muscian from UG, strangers in javs, cub guys !! Supermarket attendants n kind waiters n waitress ! Oh the lovely waitress at Art Caffe Two Rivers, damn I have forgotten her name. Brenda from 360 pizza !! Cute teller at quick mart, I found ‘litu’ priceless moments in these people.

Style: My style was so jumpy this year…it went with moods n places n vibes…Hair on the other hand really came through. So been thinking of color and am not sure if to cut my fro for that or color it all😐😨😱

Sex: Ha. Everyone, esp ladies deserves a good orgasm, squirts n you know …I will not go on coz my small sister reads my blog but you know what I mean ay ? Sex is healthy n good for many things you can google even skin glow hahaha n exercise…ok, Bye.

Dreams: Thank heavens, Universe, God for answering my deepest desires n dreams. I wouldn’t say enough thank you to measure. I am ending the year content, happy and deeply grateful.

I hope yours was amazing n you learnt something, if not, worry not, brand new fresh starts keshooooo in fact in a couple of hours.

Looking forward to being here more into the new year with the CLICHE stories n content I promised !!

Super excited to finally have a flow of how I want the other categories of this blog like Dtraces- dpod, dscreens, dlib, dchats which will feature some of my chats with people I dig their energy and alsoooo, fictional creative writing stories (short character based stories) to look n feel n read.

I will introduce the new features as we roll n flow with it. Really looking forwardΒ  toΒ  ‘Adventures of Small Village Girl with Big City Dreams’

I have dreamt about this for so long, think its time !!

Oh it’s gonna be an interesting year. Can’t wait for all the good vibes, moments n memories we gon collect coming our way !!

Here’s to intentionally, story telling and writing our stories !!

Happy New Year Lovers.

Thank you for passing by n keeping up with this Small Village Girl With Big City Dreams πŸ™πŸ˜…β€πŸ‘Š

Ps this pic clearly reflects my mood for this yearπŸ˜…πŸ™πŸ™


Love x Light x Good Intentions !!


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