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Happy New Year โคrs!!!

Wus going on? How is 2017 20 days later?

Finally gotten my wandering spirit to settle down and tune in to the new year. Is there anyone excited n enthusiastic about this year? If so, raise my hand too โœ‹โ˜บ

I don’t know, but I got feels for this year. Despite these migraines n running stomach going on as I ink this down, I’m so dreamy of the million opportunies, chances,moments and experiences we are yet to have!!! The good vibes coming our way!!


At the clock of midnight on 1st, amidst bursts of joy, selfies, n tipsy watus, I count stop thinking am actually excited to see what the new year will surprise us with. …if you know me personally, then you know how much of a sucker I am for good vibes, collecting moments n simple thrills . I’m looking foward to a year of positivity, happiness, passion, soul n good vibes as surmmarised below:

Creating: More n more of what inspires me to love n be happy. From forcing friends to take awkward pics of me, to words I’ll churn for this space to ARTitude activities. To the content I’ll create for fellow Nature n ART addicts. I’m already in love ๐Ÿ˜

Music: Apart from discovering new music n artists to love and admire their art, (hold up โœ‹, have you heard Pod Apek by Black Sultan? Thank me later!!!) AM reigninting my love for certain artists I used to love n have somehow gotten too caught up to get time to enjoy. Already am thinking: The Script, Snow Patrol, Lifehouse, The Fray, Tamia, Lacrea, Barlow girl, NickelBack, Jill Scott, Fantasia, Musiq Soul child, Neyo (esp year of the Gentleman album), Attomic Kitten, Michael Jackson, Lucky dube, Janelle Monae (Archandroid), Avril Lavigne, Corrine Bailey rae, Goapele, before you start wondering where locals are, well dola kabarry, Okatch biggy, Eric Wainaina,(if you have not watched him live, kill yourself ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ย . Like seriously why haven’t you? Juliani (lyricist extradionaire, pulpit was my fav album (‘Friend Request lovers helooo’ ) but there is something about EP the album…. Raw, to the core.!! Ayub ogada just to mention a few.


Books: We on with #50booksAYearChallenge2017!!!! So excited. I have started on Robin Sharma’s “Be Extraordinary” all about passion n enthusiasm funny for a first book of the year as that’s the general feeling am walking into this new year with. Coincidence much, right? I can’t wait to dig in some banned book, a play, 20th century classic, autobiography, short stories oh a comic!!


Film: So I hear PB is coming back!!!! Who else is as as excited as I am esp to hear all scoffild’s boys call him “Pretty, sijui, ย snowflakes”. What’s up with those pet names though? Can’t wait to see how the script will lie to us he didn’t die in the explosion. You gotta be a stone n the one the builders actually rejected to escape the emotion tickler that is PB.

Also, Designated survivor!!!! Guys. Alert me when EP 11 comes out just incase you get it first. Thinking of catching up with Suits, House of Cards, Reign, Wait is their Dig season 2? N Zero hour 2? Oh, still crushing on the Good wife n most of all can’t wait to see what Shonda Pens this year.

The madness that is Family Guy, Simpsons n South Park!! We gon have some pretty lit up hilarious night ins this year. Also, watching documentaries. Just found out tons of very interesting docus on YouTube that can teleport you to different parts of the world at the comfort of your head โ˜บโ˜บ. S/O to YouTube vloggers!!

[Side note Guys: there is so much good content on the net if you haven’t found out already, just incase you thought your TV life is over with the likes of E n MTV. Been discovering really awesome authentic n real vlogs on the net that inspires me to share my passions too more. If you never were addicted to ‘ Awkward black girl ‘ I don’t know if you are human. You could be an alien FAM. Subscribe now n enjoy Issa Rae’s magic. Haven’t started on Insecure but really looking foward. Am not a movie person coz they end so fast n I have this attachement disorder but Hidden Figures is a MUST watch. You know why? MONAE plays bad-ass black woman working at NASA alongside Teraji n Octavia!! Yup. #BlackGirlMagic at play. Think we gon have amazing stories for #Dscreens.

Language/Tribe: Myra and I are learning basics of a language of our choice. Thanks to free on-line audio courses I now can pronounce some Spanish hihihihihi. Also cant wait to learn a new tribe… Thinking Teso maybe, or Giriama. Just the basics- how are you, welcome, my name is… Nini nini. I even want to visit a teso village n just get consumed in their culture n life for a few days. Who’s coming?


Food/Cooking: Do you ever finish eating n start thinking of the next food you’re eating? No? Yes? Well, guilty as charged. I keep daydreaming about the mouth orgasms I’ll have in the name of food hahaha. I want to try make those foods with hard hard names sijui bolognese. Want to learn to make more of traditional food from my culture n others. Like I really want to learn how to make mokimo. Problem is I don’t think I’ll share this bit. Either I’ll be too full or busy capturing for you pics to show off on the gram n make you jealous. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚.

Dreams: I wish I could document my dreams while asleep you guys!!! I have so much fun in that other world n things always feel so real n beautiful n it doesn’t help that sometimes I actually know am very asleep n dreaming. Does that happen to anyone? Like being so awake in your sleep you just know you are dreaming n can’t do nothing but watch the beautiful magical happenings like you ain’t even part of it? Well, looking foward to more dreams n shenanigans of the other world.(sssh don’t tell them am one of those). I’ll try narrate some stories for you if I can. N what’s up with always being so sweet n nice in my dreams hahaha. I swear in my dream life am always that cool quircky -full -of- life chic you wanna be friends with. Heck, I wanna be my bff hahaha. I don’t know what happens when I wake back to earth. There is always another girl with a tiny voice in my head n she can be such a downer at times esp where guts n courage are needed. Cheers to being awake even when we asleep. #Blessed.

ART: Am in an ART dry spell in ksm yo. There are not as many galleries n Art centres like Nairobi n this part of me is burning away. I’m Looking foward to go out of my way to rekindle this flame even if it means travelling. Can’t wait to see the new ARTists I’ll meet, n the ART I’ll soak n marvel in. Already found a gallery n can’t wait to visit n share!!


This typa look gon get you zero friends Dallah

Adventure: Boy!!! S/O to the places we are yet to wander too. Am not so big on tavelling far n wide partly because one: the money, two, time n sometimes energy esp if it’s daytime coz of my motion sickness but nonetheless I still love discovering hidden gems esp scenic ones n nature inspired. Somehow so enthusiastic about travelling n more nature explorations this year. Cheers to Caro who’s so bent on ingizain me on their travelling club. N Jasmine who has hiking plots for me already. Can’t wait for the sunsets n rises we will chase n catch n share!! The moon whispers n twilight watching! The dances in the rain n sun kisses. The hope for new, better days. The magic happenings, of life.

Pictures: I burst a lil inside into fireworks when I think of the many moments am gonna freeze all in the name of taking pictures n selfies!! Pictures make me happy. Let no one lie to you that I don’t take pics daily coz I do. It’s like my soul can’t diffrenciate when am bored or when it’s a photo session maa’n… my gallery is getting fuuuull. I wanna try profesh photoshoots of some concepts in my head n see what magic we can create n capture. Wait till I get a photographer. I have so many images in my head to bring to life. N for all who’ve asked me to document my style n outfits, not just yet. Also, I don’t know why not. Still cheers to cheeeeese.

Style: The sweater n scarf girl I am is slowly fading with this heat in Ksm. My style is changing with this weather. I’ve noticed I am going back to free, bohomain look. Loose fitting clothes… ย light threads. Cant wait to see what I fall in love with this year, what I thrift (team gikosh, toi, Kibuye goteni ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ‘Š) n how I style them up to a look. Am still hoping I’ll love heels a little bit more this year iihihihi. Am loving my natural hair more too n can’t wait to see how I’ll play around with it. Just realized my hair plays a big role in my style. I didn’t know this before.

Poetry : The words of poets like RM Drake, Anais nin, Thich Nhat, Jason King, Sylvia plath make my poetic sundowns so alive!! There is this guy who wrote me really beautiful Poems while was in S5. We’d literally just talk through poetry hahaha. Can’t wait to get lost in some amazing poetry this year ย looking foward to discover new poets. You can suggest for me your favs to follow.


Family: Ah my MVPs!!! The ones I’d take a bullet for. Im looking foward yet another year of priceless moments, laughters, being in our own world n of course gossiping about each other . I am very excited for my small bro joining University of Pennsylvania!! Dude, the closest I’ve been to an Ivy League uni if not Instagram is Gossip Girl. I am so elated my ‘Odianga book‘ is gonna be a student soon. Can’t wait for his farewell party later this year.

Also my sis is finally going to be an advocate!! Yep. You do know selfies with the wig are coming right? I love my siblings. We have so much laughter when we are together, get tipsy together n dance nights away, eat alot, have each others backs especially if we are not ng’ang’aniaring slippers on the door. Oh we are quite the newsmakers in our village ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. I can’t wait to hear the hilarious fake stories guys have about us n how we should be conducting ourselves… hahaha. I love my family. The generation next -Adallah’s are the bomb digiddy!! My nieces n nephews are such amazing kids with beautiful spirits n personalities. You need to meet one Claudia, boy, kid will fill your heart with love n laughter for aclifetime. I’d choose them again in my next life. Can’t wait to for nature walks, dance routines n late night kareokes with this team Nicolodeon

PS: juu ya hii shout out ebu mpesa zi come through wasee.

People : Not so sure about this but am looking foward to meet really amazing souls, strangers et all. People are very interesting n you can learn alot from conversing with a mind outside your own as it gives you new perspective to ponder on. As much as I’ve gotten so protectiveof my space n the energy I allow myself to absorb, am willing to try give myself permission to connect with new people, learn from them, share good vibes n be vulnerable if need arises. Alsooooooo, ERM, I am crushing guys!! Crushing on a certain soul ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ, lord help us wherever this is gonna lead coz am catching a high n gettin lit on my own supply ๐Ÿ˜. Am also anxious at the same time as this is a wave that can be very destructive to my well built walls. Mmmmh.

Meditation: I am but a spiritual being having a human experience n if this life has anything to gain at all, I’ll count it a loss if I can’t feel my higher self. Looking foward to spiritual growth, purges, awareness, enlightment, evolutionย and more fullfillement in my existence.

Also enthusiastic n happy about more people tuning into their inner beings n rubbing shoulders with more awakened people living in their light, fearless in the pursuit of expressing who they are. Looking foward to deep conversations so I can insert deep quotes for all those who keep asking people to insert deep quotes. Like why you working towards shallow bruh?


Why you wanna be shallow though?

Depth is sexy and when all fails, finding meaning in our existence is what keeps as afloat.


The wins n lessons. The highs n lows. The sunshine n rains. The easy n the tough. I want it all n ready for lessons n experiences. Ready to be deliberately intentional. Ready for a year of FULFILLMENT.

Happy New Year Lovers.

May we all have a good year through so that when we review they year, God willing, it will be all smiles, joy n contentment.

What are you enthusiastic about in this new year?

PS: Sema, kuchomwa na jua!!! Thanks Miss Diana for these pics ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜Šโค I promise to work hard n afford a photographer ๐Ÿ˜.

Love x Light x Enthusiasm


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    Please alert me too, in-case EP 11 of Designated survivor comes out while I am on my “Watershed” Period.

    • Reply Ruth Adallah January 27, 2017 at 9:48 am

      Oh I will be sure of that. Just incase you know before I do, please hallaaaa! Thanks for stopping by โ˜บ

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