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Wagwan Lovers !!!

This is so freaking random. I had no idea I would be here today considering I’ve been mentally wandering everywhere but here in what seemed like a never ending creative/writers block !!! I guess no matter how lost we feel, we will always find our way back HOME !!

Am so elated am in studio right now typing this from my phone just letting the words flow…be warned, am not sure how this is going to end…very random but am glad am listening to Dandora Music playing “Day by Day” as I type n vibes are just alright !!!

How have you lovers been ?? Sec last month of the year, you excited ?? I haven’t yet gotten to the festive mood but am right behind those of you of have gotten there 😆

So what’s been poppin with me ? Hee. Your girl has been in a never ending search for BALANCE !!

Basically this has been me the last two months:

I want to go out n meet people and when am out I want to go home n enjoy my solitude. Yup.

You get my drift ? Maybe it has something to do with being born right in the middle of the year, 1st June !! No ?

But enyewe, I have been unable to tip on the tight rope.

Over thinking my over thinking has been my drug 😂. Thinking am either doing too little or too much n not knowing which is which at every given moment !!

Yup. Welcome to BEING DALLAH.

I don’t even know how today I did not over think if I should pen something or not

This new radio gig also comes with a lot of this n that, necessary and unnecessary noise that am learning to tune out so as not to lose my own voice in all these.

So that being said, am learning to live TODAY as it comes, n then repeat the day after.

I have planned new CLICHE features n content coming on the site and can’t wait to share !!! Pretty excited especially for 2018 and what’s in store !

Why cliche ?

Because in my struggle for BALANCE this last two months, I have honestly come to accept that LIFE is so freaking CLICHE !!

The little things that gave me joy during this period were very cliche things like chatting a random kid on the street n ending up sharing fries !!

What am I saying ?

WE ABOUT TO GO SO CLICHE with the content in here…the stories in here…so don’t expect some well curated content. It’s about to get more RAW.

Major Announcement: Starting Monday, 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM I n my homie will be LIVE for the very first time on 2FMBreakfast !!!

2FM is the sister station to 1FM plays only majuu songs and has never had a breakfast show.

I have always prayed for my own fresh show and when the PC called us to meeting of the new changes as much as I was in shock, I was kinda elated !!!

Why ?

Coz I get to create something NEW ! N that is a high for me !

So there you have it !!! We tuning now 87.7!!! To y’all who followed me on 1FM bless you !!! Let’s continue the journey n see what good we can create.

Thank you so much for y’all who took time to listen to us on 1FM, showered us with love n warm welcome n mostly to y’all who kept sliding in the DM these last two days wanting to know why we not on air. You are appreciated much !!!

Let’s see what this new phase has in store, right ?

I got a lunch date, am thinking Ethiopian !!! So toodles !!!

Enjoy your weekend good people. Life is for the living !!!

Love x Light x Sunsets


Fi Di Culture

Catch us on 87.7 #2FMBreakfast Monday 6.00AM sharp for the very first time !!!! You gon elevate !!!!

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