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How are you? Oh my it feels so good to be back here!! In this space. Here. Now. I hope wherever you are reading this from,  life is being kind and beautiful to you. Sending good vibes your way!!

August!!!! 2017!!! What a month. Yes. Am still in a happy daze at the smile back I got from the universe. Some of you know.

Remember our first story (post) this year to usher in 2017

Well, the surprises n opportunist n people n Good vibes have so forth come but none beats the surprise that was my transition to host the breakfast show for One FM.

Yes lovers, to those who don’t follow my insta stories, this happened. New chapter, New bigger platform in this journey of mine.

Many of you who’ve seen my IG stories have asked me n I felt let me talk about it in this post. Esp to lovers of this space, you deserve to hear it here n not on an IG post. So yes! Am grateful folks. Thanks for the feedback so far n overwhelming love!!! You make it easy to BE.

I’ll share this private story with you: to be honest, I have always wanted to do radio anyone close to me will tell you but somehow the dream almost died just after campus, after I went to certain station me n boy Willis Raburu n they count even let us go past the security guard after hearing which campus we came from. We were not even allowed to go to the lift 😂😂😂 n told to leave our recordings with the guard. Funny thing is I just shrugged, coz the most radio we had done was our campus radio shows. I went to eat pie na sode (rem bakers in deal?) n that was that, till my shot stint at Urban Radio that clearly was prepping me for a much scarier stage.

Why scary?

First things first, I have been in this creative n entertainment industry in Kenya for six years in different fields but always behind the scenes handling brands, creating and production of content for brands, managing some all that stuff but now I get to do that to me as am in charge  of an audience directly. The the coin being flipped on my side, I must say is nerving.

Also, now I have to get back to FB n Twitter  (work calls) again, scary coz I had successfully unplugged from the matrix n it took courage n effort n discipline to tune in that am scared of losing balance.  Oh for those who kept asking, I never blocked you hahaha. I just left the space.

One day catching up with my bro n his wife, we talked social media n life as it is now in depth n it’s when I realised am consuming facebook instead of using it. I could spend so much time keeping up with what others are doing than using it as a tool for branding. I had to really know n be aware why am on FB or Twitter sharing my opinions, experiences n moments. Sharing just for the sake seemed meaningless to me. Think by now if you follow this space, you know we are so big on authenticity, the energy we emit n absorb n Individualism. I count be on FB or twitter or snap chat just coz everybody is anymore. I deactivated. This inner battle affected even me sharing post updates. I let it to whoever finds will read 😂😂. But now looking back, I get why it had to happen. N I am glad I got the courage to step back n tune in.

Back to now:

But since we were enthusiastic about new things and dreams manifesting, we don’t have an option but to embrace the shift, evolve, grow!

I hope you’ll follow me on this new journey n platform too to keep pushing the RISE of INDIVINDUAL-ISM and inspiring each other to be the grandest version of who we are meant to be. I am learning that am unlearning a lot but most of all I am unlearning that I am limited. That I am confined. Breaking the illusion n trusting once again in the unseen grand scheme of things. I am beyond grateful that this has manifested. We can only make it worthwhile.

Thank you so much for stopping by!! This was  tad raw but you know, lazima we tell our stories or else they die with us.

The show is I FM Breakfast from 6-10 on 97.1 with my main realest ninja out here Kev Matara. Do catch us any weekday if you get time. I promise it will be worth your while 😘.

Am hungry. Happy End month come New Month!!!

September is coming with so much love n good vibes you won’t believe it’s happening!!!!

Ps: Can’t wait to share shoot pics we did for our show. I looove them.

Small ps: Be kind to one another lovers, we are all on same journey different paths, show love,  support if you can, a cold heart has never been an accomplishment. There is enough of everything for everyone.

Smaller ps: That was  huge ass ps 😂 #Okbye.

Love x Light x Sunsets.


Behind the scenes from the work shoot coming sooon!!!

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