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How has nobody ever told me about ‘Whatever it takes’ by Imagine dragons? How now?! I just listened to the track for the first time and am in love!! Very nice song writing especially the last verse where there’s some sic word play n poetry! Ugh!


“I’m an apostrophe
I’m just a symbol to remind you that there’s more to see
I’m just a product of the system, a catastrophe
And yet a masterpiece, and yet I’m half-diseased
And when I am deceased”


Haha I love good song writers maan! Anyhu, that’s a by the way…HOW ARE YOU LOVERS?

Who has a new pet? Who bought new shoes? Who like me has recently eaten the most yummiest chicken cheese burger? S/O to Funky Chicken for throwing down the best burgers in Kisumu!! (Watch out for our food tasting shenanigans coming soon here). Who has fallen in love? Out of? Who has made career growth? Heck who is loving the taste of life lately?

I promise this post is not about questions! I am feeling so much gratitude in my heart n can’t stop it from spilling outside! I wanna share it n hopefully know the amazing things hapenning in your lives that you are grateful for too. Life can be a dic, ( yeah, I wont say bitch coz women support women sindio?) but that doesn’t mean there are no things to be grateful for. I am learning that it’s all a matter of attitude and perspective!

Have I told you guys how I recently started obsessing over Rihanna’s famous ink line “Never a failure, always a lesson?” Did I really? Coz this cliche line seems to be giving me new light of seeing things especially things that have previously taken me on rough, unpleaseant and un-scenic guilt trips to very boring places without sunsets and bird concerts! Ok, I might have exaggeratted there abit; it’s what happens when I let my mind wander loose….oopsy! Hold up!!! guess which jam is playing as I type? “I like that” by Chingy n Huston, wait do you guys rem chingy? Maan, hahahaha that guy though! I must say Urban radio has the best mix of hits and oldies! N no guys this is not an ad! Just a honest review from a music lover to fellow musci lovers. Ps. you can stream online hihihi www.urbanradio.co.ke .


Where were we before Chingy? Oh yeah, Rhi’s line! In essence, what I thought were mistakes or failures in the past have turned out to be great lessons for me, making me realize it’s never really a failure if you learn from it right?

At the beginning of this year I made a pact to be enthusiastic about what the new year had to offer in this post http://artitudeplus.com/enthusiastic-17/ . To allow the natural flow of things to dominate my control over everything. In layman’s terms; to let God surprise me with what’s planned for my journey.

Boy!!! I did not know the wish I had made!! As true to new opprotunities to grow into the life I love are showing up, so is the struggle to control all of it! I did not even realise how much of a control freak I am! N the bad kind that includes worrying n overthinking in it! All in all, If I could share what am grateful for thus far

  1. The space I am in, right now. It’s a strike of balance. Tipping on the tight rope. Learning when to be extra n when to be subtle. When to sweat it off n when to relax it off. When to cry when confused n when to laugh when clarity pops! When to take control n when to let go of control. It can be a struggle. It sounds so easy on paper, especially letting go of control of things to allow nature to take it’s course. But I can report back that its not burdensome!
  2. Passinate people: I used to get so mesmerized by people with fortune n fame till I started meeting people with inner peace n bliss…you know, that kinda peace from living a life they love, passionately cultivating n creating a life they love. These people are infectious with good thriving energy!! Don’t be fooled, people with no passion for anything in life are energy suckers who in most case will project their insecurities and fears your way sometimes even subconsciously. They will drain you n dim your light by default. So choose your circle well! Protect the fire that keeps your passion aflame. Passion keeps one alive n enthusisastice with life. Without it we are walking zombies! I am so grateful for the passionate people I have been rubbing shoulders with both offline n online! We are the reason we all do what we do!
  3. Courage: So, am hosting some shows n content creating on Fuse TV Kenya (subscribe on youtube) an online showbiz n lifestyle chanell. Yes! I’m in shock as well! I did not see this happening soon to be honest! I still don’t think am ready for this kinda thing and keep having little bits of fear, doubts n over judging myself but I have such an incredible team behind this that keep pushing me off my comfort zones! I am willing to challenge myself to see where this will lead us. I shall start sharing some clips here with you but you can also keep up with us on the channel on all social sites! Some pretty dope stuff you’ll find there and if you dont, do give me the feedback too mmmkay?!
  4. Cheap Thrills: Wanderlusting my a** has been the order other day when we not shooting weekends! I lost some files form my Misawa Eco Lodge trip but still, we gon share this trip from what we can salvage off Diana’s phone! I really want you guys to see that place so you can plan a gateaway there n just have a taste of the experience. Also, am learning how to edit my own videos so very soon you will be able to follow traces of Dallah here n there. I am actually really thrilled about this! Hihihihi look at meeee!! Making slow baby steps up!!


Don’t get it twisted, my life is not all rosy. I am also going through recurring pain from losing my dad! It’s his memorial month n I hate this month on so many deep levels. It’s always a reminder of that day at the ICU watching him take his last breath. It’s tough n time does not heal anything, but we get better at dealing. We thrive in the memories and imprints left on our hearts. Did I mention social media made it hard for me to celebrate my momma on mother’s day? Yeap! Call me petty n jealous n bitter. I was an emotional wreck, cried my heart out better part of the day n to be honest I don’t know why the older I get the more I feel momma’s absence more. The more I need her in my life. I guess the mother-child connection really never goes away. Well, I will always be grateful for the three yrs we had together as much as I have very little memory of that. N good thing is, life actually gave me another mum n am forever grateful to her for taking  care of my little daddy spoilt self.

Why have I decided to finish this post with sad vibes? Aint nothing new to humans though, I just wanted to let whoever reading know that sometimes, if not all the times, life will present us with equal opposite measure of circumstances n feelings but our strength lies in not fighting any of it, but letting it be what it is at the present moment.

I am grateful for it all. The good, the bad, The ugly! Dear daddy n mummy, continue resting in power, love and peace! I hope you have finally re ignited the love that was cut short 🙂

I would do anything to have you back! I miss you so much! So much….


What are you grateful for?

Crap! Luther Vandross just comes on playing “dance with my father”. Yeah, it doesnt get better at times, but we get through! WE GET THROUGH. Fyuuuuuuuuu!!

Happy New week folks!

Love x Light x Sunsets!!


ps: I watched the best grand rising that had orange-ish n yellowish hues that I actually decided to wear both orange n yellow! Nuh, si ukao! Just sunny vibes!! #OkayBYE


The way he sings “rambanya ing’e ni agombo bedo kodiii” hihihi!!! Have you heard of CBK band? Youtube is your friend!! Thank me later!! This guys make awesome music!

Small Ps: Pics from Fashion Icon’s Tan event at Kisumu Hotel. My first fashion gig in Kisumu. Not bad at all.


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