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Once a upon a time, there lived a man called Sylvester! Sylvester was a doctor. Sylvester had a tall tall tall friend called Mr. Kochiyo! Mr. Kochiyo is a teacher. They loved each other very much and every now and again visited each other. The teacher would walk majestically like a giraffe from the gate to the house and on reaching the house, he would smile so gently and politely ask “Daktari ntie?” and their catchu up session would soon follow after…

One day, sylvester was blessed with a daughter called Atieno. Atieno has grown to be a lover of the Arts, Nature and finding beauty in little things. Years later, the teacher was blessed with a daughter called Apiyo. Apiyo has grown to be a very sweet girl who laughs alot, speaks her intelligent mind and writes beautiful poems…and Atieno and Apiyo have grown to know each other too and hang out when occassion arises.

This post is about the day Apiyo called Atieno.

“Sasa Ruth, ni sherry!” Yes, Atieno and Apiyo also have English names they would rather use! “Heyyy sasa, how are you” Atieno responds!

Apiyo in a voice that is more excited than a lady whose just been proposed to, and knowing how much Nature and Eco things tickle Atieno’s greatest fancy, goes ahead to tell Atieno about this very new Eco Lodge in her home area called Misawa Eco Lodge (soon to launch) and how they would love to host her there aaaaaaaaand, wait for it: ALL EXPENSES COVERED!!! To be very honest, I never in my wildest dreams imagined my title as ‘Miss Environment Siaya County’ would expand to eco lodges hitting me up for collabs!! Gratitude to the utimate planner!

Atieno was over the moon!! There must have been something good she did in her younger days to deserve this treat, no? She wondered. After getting all the deets and soaking ino the good news Apiyo had delivered, Atieno went straight to uncle google and started wandering virtually! She could not wait to visit the place!!

First forward to Atieno’s trip, the adrenalin in her veins could only be calmed by Marley’s voice!! She listened to olskool roots jammin and vibin all the way, stopping at certain spots to capture raodside goodness and do silly things on the road like wink and wave at strangers!

Misawa Eco Lodge and camping site is located in Uyoma, Siaya County! A very serene environment on top of tiny cliff sorrounded by Lake Victoria. On reaching, Atieno was awed! First by the really huge huge trees by shores of the lake that had hammocks tied on them. With bird concerts filling up the air, gentle breeze soothing her skin and sound of crashing waves melting her heart, Atieno was happy! Grateful! Exited for the next couple of moments yet to come!

Let’s just say SHE HAD A BALL!!! From a bunch of crazy ass friends n new ones the universe decided to bless her with; they made merry, danced, celebrated life and the moments together like they were being paid!! Laughter, disses, music and joyous shrieks filled the air that night as the fish fresh from the lake was being smoked and barbequed as they sipped on some adult water!

Atieno got lost in the sight of a million stars, hundreds of fireflies glittering in the dark, cricket tunes and the faraway murmurs of the lake. Heaven must surely be on Earth, she silently thought as she thanked mother Nature for her glorious GLORYNESS!

Dear lovers, without diluting the good memroies with too many words; here are traces of Atieno at Misawa!


The child in me has refused to grow


Who cares if it’s green?


To be honest, I was thinking how i’d deal with dripping locs for a few hours after!



The trees here are so beautiful and huge and homely and throw some massive shade!!!!


Best buds


There is just no turnig back, when your heart is under attack!!


Make friends along the way or on water hihihihi




Natty dread






Thinking how my mom will say this pic is soft porn


My fav beer is;FREEEEEE!! Am kidding, I dont fancy beer, my pal insisted I it would make a nice prop hahahaha! This me not feeling her idea.


Fall in love with life. It’s all there is!



And my country people! S/O to these dudes who made sure I did not evade their boat ride requests!

Thank you to all those who sent nice bithday messages, wishes and prayers my way. My mummy n daddy sure do thank you wherever they are as they valued this date that everytime my dad met my new friends he would not shy away from expressing the shenanigans of my born day n how mama bled to almost death that night to how it meant so much to them to how am a SPECIAL CHILD hahahahah. I rem my pals who came to help me burry my late bro, joking how they would never want to hurt me after how dad spoke of me to them hihihihi! I appreciate you as much as I’m sure they do! Bless up!!


ps: Atieno would love to thank : Apiyo, for the awesome connect!! Thank you daughter of the lake! Because of you, Atieno has memories for a lifetime burried in her happy place.

Also the entire MISAWA STAFF for a warm welcome and amazing stay n food. N lastly, the most hilarious and free spirited bunch of humans now friends!! Dee (who rescued the pics afterΒ  someone accidentally formated the mem card that had all captures) Laura, Roba (Thanks for the boat rides and laughters) Deno (For creating this much needed space and being an avid environment advocate), the two boat dudes who made sure I went on boat ride and all of y’all who were part of these memories. Atieno says thank you! I had very good pics of y’all for everyone to see but seems mother nature wanted us to just show pics of her hhihih.

Also ps:I thought it would be nice to have a vid on this trace! Hopefully, part 2 of this!

small ps: Hello Birthday month!!!!! Where my Geminis at? I had a calm birthday yesterday at work all day that ended up with me taking a pal whose been sick all week for some sunset catch ups as we munch on some chocolate fudge cake at the shores of the lake! Can’t wait for birthday edition 2017!!!!! Glad the weekend is finally here!!

Since my birthday is on the 1st, I am looking foward to a whole month of celebration just because I came on first! Team First lane always!!

I thought I would finally start having all these third floor feels of adult life but just realised third floor ain’t bad after all…I am very enthusiastic about the future days to come! I am more than grateful I have been blessed to experience life this far against all odds! Truly blessed.

Most importantly; at this point, there is no age but just PROGRESSION!

Happy My Month Lovers,

Love, Light, Sunsets!!



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  • Reply Judy Princess June 22, 2017 at 8:18 am

    *seepsadultwater* πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚…loves the ambience of that place dear cuz 😘…and happy belated birthday my love..will send you something nice to bribe you to forgive me for forgetting 😘

    • Reply Ruth Adallah June 26, 2017 at 10:42 am

      Hahahaha. Am patient rem, thank you for passing by love

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