Wssup wssup Lovers!!

Does anyone else pick an outfit for the day and change it ten mins later n keep changing till you leave the house? No? Okay, I will coil into a corner and sit there quietly, thinking of what I did this morning!

I never have much of these issues as I dress based on how I feel but this Monday morning I don’t know what was wrong. I picked almost four outfits and still none made me feel myself! At some point I even cleaned really dusty shoes that I havent worn in a while and after all that cleaning, I still ended up not wearing them.

“Don’t start the week confused Dallah” said the mother hen Dallah in my head. “It’s just Monday, why can’t you get your head straight n settle on an outfit? You are going to be late for the programming meeting! You do rem the GM is a round yeah?” continued Mother hen. I sat on my bed twitching n biting my lips like I was dealing with rocket science sijui planning a strategy to land on the moon hahhahaha sigh! Now that am writing it, it sounds so psychotic to me hahahaha.

Well, after all that I finally found a choice in the grey areas! I picked out a grey outfit head to toe without even realising the color code. Funnily am noticing that I’ve started really loving pulling off one color code head to toe; what do fashion bloggers call that? I have forgotten but I know there is a name to it!

The weather is so summerish in this town that you gusta do some sleeveless tops if you wanna be comfortable all day. I had to share this outfit that finally won my heart after a series of confusion that actually made me realise there is nothing wrong with being confused, thinking something through (not so much though), evaluating and re-evaluating your choices till it suits the energy of your soul and personality! Nothing absolutely wrong!!

So here I am announcing that I will not settle for the sake of anything. I will be very CONFUSED till I get exactly what I want n feel myself in. This applies to everything in my life not just outfits! This was my lesson after the self defeating closet drama this morning! See, we are always learning if we allow ourselves to.

Here is the outfit that carried the day 🙂 n yes, it was worth it 😀


Doesn’t look like someone who was confused at all!


How skinny /model ish do I look? Heehehehe this pic is a lie!!




ps:Those of you who keep asking me to share outfit posts, am still confused about it, can I work through my confusion? Meanwhile, hope this post can quench your thirst 😉

Small ps: who else changes a look after ironing n putting it on? Please say you are out there! Please? Anyone?

Another ps: sorry for the overly exposed pics, the sun decided to filter my shots n since it’s the hottest thing around, I could not fight back n kinda loving the natural filter 🙂

Last Small ps: Thank you TO all who keep following my chatter here! Wether silently or loudly, I appreciate you. I met one silent reader today n she told me how her n her friends follow this space! Thank you Fiona n your friends! I hope you keep finding a reason to come back. I promise to check editting errors more n more 🙂

Love & Light your way, you made my day by that small chat N FEEDBACK! THANK YOU!

Happy New Week! Dare to BE!


Love x Light x Sunsets


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  • Reply Judy Princess June 22, 2017 at 7:48 am

    I am always like that my dear cousin!!!i usually need a day prior to the d.day to just decide what to wear!!!!!buuut daaaaaaaang girl you looked so good…monochrome grey looks good on you!!!!

    • Reply Ruth Adallah June 26, 2017 at 10:44 am

      Hahahaha atleast now I know am normal hihihi! Thank you thank you!! N yes, let’s keep getting confused till we get what we want.

  • Reply Eddah July 12, 2017 at 6:13 pm

    Reason why I wake up 3 hours early…..

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