Of Clingy Affairs…

Hello Lovers 🙂



First of all, thank you to all who passed by, commented, and silently trolled the first blog. Am so very grateful you created some time for my mindless chatter.

So today I got a question to pose around; am I the only one with a clingy relationship with their ringtones? (please tell me am not) .


Music is an ART I love so much! When a new song hits me, first thing I do before listening to beats, is check out how the lyrics were penned digging for some poetry, wordplay and punchlines. Currently am really loving Coldplay’s “A head full of dreams” album (review on this album deserves a post) and Beiber’s third album “Purpose” . I get super attached to my ringtones that if one calls me, am guilyy of waiting for the song to play abit before I answer . I thought i’d share some of my ringtones that broke up with me after a clingy love and hate affair.



Get Down-CMB Prezzo

This song got tones of memories aside from being a killer Kenyan throwback, reminds me of my first phone after highschool a Nokia 3310 gifted by ol man. The nostalgia I get from just listening to the beats only!! I had never even been to a club n fantasized my first club moment dancing to this jam.


Hey Soul Sista- Train

Let me just admit first time I had Fareed play this jam on xfm I wasn’t sure which is the name of the song n which is the artist name. I thought Train was the song sang by Soul Sista (though shall not judge ok?) I loved the lyrics, the beats! The video!!! N just like that I became a train addict.


Viva La Vida-Coldplay

Oh the poetry so profound in this jam!! The beats!!! I always visualized myself dancing my heart out under the moonlight at a beach in a coldplay concert with my imaginery white friends who are dressed in nothing but long tees written ‘Hakuna Matata’. Now that the band is taking a break, not sure this dream is still valid. Sigh!


Sober- Pink

Let’s just say pink had a huge role to play during my emo break up seasons! I think she is one very underrated artist. This ringtone came with lots of heartaches, I’m literally chuckling thinking of the shit that was those days. Contrary to the line “why do I feel this good sober” these were those campus days I only felt good drunk outta my system! These were those days end of a cat meant ‘Vodka + lime juice + poker nights’ lol. Shoutout to the usual suspects who had to carry me back to my room and helped me bitch about my ex hahahah!! Dude, we made it this far!


What do you want from me- Adam Lambert

First of all, a moment of silence for the awesomeness overload that is Adam! Doesn’t he look like someone whose diary can be so fun to read? Its not just his voice, style, lyrics but his persona! We all have those ringtones for special people don’t we? Every time my phone rang, I helped Adam asking “what do you want from me”? n just listen to the song play as I inflict sadness upon myself by over thinking and over analyzing why a certain human broke my heart hahaha. There is a thin line between boys and a girl’s favourite jam I tell you. Cheers to learning and growing damn.

When I see You- Fantasia

Now this is that jam you play because you have spotted your new crush who has no absolute idea you even exist to begin with. My twin soul (Tina) and I loved this jam so much we’d literally repeat after Fantasia “Hey sexy boy, uuuh sexy boy”. Fav line has got to be “I got a blush when somebody says your name… In my stomach there’s a pain, seeing you walking my direction I go the other way”. That feeling of a new crush!! I know ya’ll know what am talking about.



Big Girls Don’t Cry- Fergie

This jam is another Ironic jams I loved. I was but a big girl who still cried so much listening to fergie go on n on how bIG girls don’t cry. “I hope you know, I hope you know that this is nothing to do with you” I think this line is what my older self can agree with years later. Back then I just had to find a reason to blame my sulkiness and tears on something or someone.

New Divide-Linkin Park

I am such a sucker for LP!!! I have all their albums, crammed most of the hits and imagined and teleported myself so many times to their concerts. This was one beautifully penned jam! I love just about everything about this jam.

Written in The Stars-Tinie Temper

I first heard this jam from my bro and I just copied the ringtone. I love how it starts, the lyrics, beats!! I just wish B.O.B was on this track too. I think it took about two years before our relationship ended. Sometimes, I still contemplate bringing it back as my ringtone.


Hot- Avril Lavigne

I tend to think everyone went through an Avril Lavigne phase especially if you’re a lover of soft rock! Am still a hopeless believer of Avril’s music and now that she wedded Mr smocking hot Chad Kruger just worsens my obsession with her. Hot is such a feel good music song! I still dance my heart out every time it plays.

Primetime-Janelle Monae x Miguel

Let me shock you, the days this song was my ringtone I thought I was so in love sijui getting hitched! Everytime my phone rang I had goosebumps n the good kinda goosebumps and tingles! Monae’s vocals and Miguel’s sex god voice are on another level. Did I mention the lyrics? Fav line has got to be ‘Aint nobody peeking but the stars above…heaven is bettin on us’. Like how beautiful is a love that even heaven bets on? Lets just say I stull get dreamy with this jam.


Is this Love-Bob Marley

I Love! Love! Love this jam! This one is my fav all time love classics! This is that jam I want to listen to looking at someone straight in the eye without twitching or blinking and mean every word Bob utters! This one I have been unable to remove as a ringtone; still attached to a certain contact on my phone. I would have loved to watch Bob trip us out live with nanii holding me from the back. Mmmh!

What an Experience-Janelle Monae.

OK, I get so sentimental and overly emotional when this jam plays. I adore this jam. The kinda adrenalin rush it gives me is ridiculous! Lately am on a break from it for obvious reasons that I don’t want it to bore me and I still wanna hold dear to me the sweetest memories that came along with it! You know ‘our song’ kinda song? This is that jam! Funny how there’s a line that say “and the memories come home, yeah they do, funny how they come back with a song”. Allow me to believe this jam was written just for me! Please? Thank you.



Lecrae is one of my fav hip hop artists! This song came into my life at a time I was going through what I was to later learn was depression just few months after burrying my dad! I was grieving and so hurt with the world I had literally given up on everything and everyone! The one person I contacted hoping to get some kind of relief app was so mad at me that their ans was “You have family who can help”. Here I was lost in pain and my own family were lost in it too with me. It was scary n the words woke me up from the darkest pit I found myself in. I immediately became his new fan and got all his albums! Check him out if you haven’t. My fave lines if not all happen to be “If this life has anything to gain to at all, I’ll count it loss if I can’t feel you, see you..” And “I recognize I am not my own, so before I fall, I need to feel you, hear you, as I live to make my boast in you alone.” Still clingy on this one and happens to be my ringtone to date.


What’s that ringtone you just can’t stop getting attached to? We agreed am not the only one didn’t we?


Love x Light.

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  • Reply Festus May 9, 2016 at 7:28 am

    Cheers a good read.. currently jazzed by ‘Up and Up’ in Coldplay’s “A head full of dreams” album. it is a very motivating song.

  • Reply Lynus Ngetich December 22, 2016 at 11:19 am

    my all time ringtone is “Life for Rent – Dido”

    • Reply Ruth Adallah December 22, 2016 at 11:34 am

      Dido is 👌👌👌. That’s a profound song . I had a phase with her, white flag & Life for rent my fav

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