Of LOVE, BEATS, RHYMES & Memories !!!

Yaaay !!

It’s a fresh start ! Brand new year !

How are you lovers ? Am trusting if you are reading this, life is being kind to you n if doesn’t, I pray soon enough it becomes…

Started the year, in fact ended it on a sad note as I lost a friend and a collegue the late 2fm present Jeremy aka Saliva Vic, am sure you have seen the news on your tls. Didn’t really get to celebrate thank heavens I was with fam n we just drunk wine n created Youtube playlists back to back till we were worn out.

This post is not about Vic. But very funny that it’s about something he was so passionate about: Hiphop, prose, and poetry.

If you know me for sometime, you know how deep poetry goes for us…
So am in the house bored, sad, un-inspired to do anything with thoughts of how am going to studio at five am for our first show of the year and all these memories of Jeremy flood my mind so I go to my neighbour to get movies n its where I meet…


This comes as the first movie I watch in 2018 and review on #DScreens !!
It’s such a beautiful coincidence that I was feeling horrible about my homie passing n then get a movie about something he was so passionate about that ended up giving me such good vibes…I had to share my brief review without spoiling for you if you haven’t watched yet…

So LBR is about a young fearless black girl with dreams of being the best hiphop/rap queen who ends up facing challenges in her pursuit of her dreams as she had huge problem understanding the difference between rap and poetry and ends up falling in love with the guy who taught her the difference, if their is any !


I also believe rap n poetry is one n same its just delivery that makes it different.

I loved the conversations, dialogue and storyline themes of the relation between poetry and hip-hop especially as a black culture.

The casting for me I’ll give it a 80% I mean Jill Scot as the super freaky hippie badu typa professor, Azealia banks as the young e.v.e gangsta rap princess typa chic waiting to be slam queen, to common !!! Yes folks, freaking Common plays jill scott’s twisted hubby who hosts open mics and poetry slam nights.

I loved the entire cast, think the actors played their roles well as much the storyline development to me was a tad slow n weak…like we have seen such narratives from honey, step up, the latest millenial series “Star” that I felt kinda disappointed in that.

My most memorable scene is this scene where Coco’s boyfriend (shortly broken up) is performing his piece at an open mic hosted by common and she, Coco (Azealia) comes out of a bomb ass performance of her own after her group snaked her and completes his rhymes for him…
It was something like…
“As you learn to love yourself better,
Teach me,
As you learn to forgive yourself for failing,
Teach me
As you learn to accept strength n vulnerability
Teach me”
N it ended with a kiss !! Sooooo beautiful the feeling creature I am teared hahaha.
Love always wins. Always.

Before I tell you the entire story, go grab yourself a copy if you are a lover of poetry and hip-hop.

I would have loved to hear my boy’s views on these conversations that were in this movie. He really loved prose n hip-hop.

Have you watched any movie yet in this new year ? Which one is it ?

I can’t wait to virtually re-watch, review n share my fav movies n series this year !!! Right here !!

I hope Shonda blesses us this year with another dope ass series to marvel at.

Thanks so much for passing by and wish y’all a happy and fulling new year.

May we be granted our desires this year.

Oh I love Azealia and even more as COCO so yeah enjoy her pic!!

Happy New Year Lovers

Love x Light x Good Intentions.

Ps:This year may have started on a bad note but trust me, nothing can take away the goodness n good vibes also coming our way !!! God is a God of goodness !! Always Faithful.

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