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So Myra walks to my desk and goes “hey Dallah, I’m putting your name on the CocaCola Media Cocktail invite list, it’s gonna be at Acacia Premier” first, I try to hide my excitement coz finally am going to see ‘The Acacia’ (aside from Instagram)!! Am finally going to eye sample their decor, interiors n FOOD!!! Then secondly it’s freaking COCACOLA!! Anyone close to me can tell you how I had a coke addiction (not dope though, like real COKE, soda, you know *wink*). It took me years to change my brand of soda coz I was warned that it may affect my bones n all those stories your Nurse Mom will give you just to have you stay healthy n drink fresh natural drinks.

I have loved cocacola’s everything from drinks, marketing strategies, ads, branding and the lifestyle. This was a ‘hell-yeah- am -game n down -for -some -coke- in my blood moment for me. I fantasized about conversations with the coke team I’ll meet, new interesting people I might gel with and the food I would eat. I literally could not wait. I love media meet ups! Always a group of radical and most outspoken people you could ever meet.


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We walk into the elevator and as the modern day 21st century Instagram humans, we pose for several reflection pics n selfies! Myra literally presses 5th floor yet we’re going to first floor just so we can have more time with the cute elevator mirrors! (Sadly, I flushed my tab n lost the best clear pics for that moment).

The room is abuzz with laughter, music, people exchanging pleasantries and we spot our team and join in on the chatter . As I sip some wine n nibble on some honey glazed chicken wings, I drift into a moment of reflection of some valuable life lessons I take from Cocacola as a brand and lifestyle that I’d love to share with you in this coke’d up blog;


Media people love talking n socialising it’s hilarious

dscf2049                               White,  Sweet kinda girl ☺🍸👌

1.Refresh the world; I mean life can be pretty uptight and stack up a times that most often it calls for refreshing. Am not talking quenching thirst n all but random acts of kindness that refreshes our lives, spirit. Buy some flowers and gift your loved ones, take your siblings or friends for an adventure, ride a bike n just enjoy the breeze, visit a children’s home and have fun with the kids. Anything to boost the spirit n add a breath of fresh air, let’s do it!!

2. Inspire moments of optimism and happiness! I have come to believe that happiness is only real when shared. Let’s be real, if you are truly happy you’ll find that you can’t keep it to yourself and want to shout it on the highest rooftop n share it around like nuts. I challenge myself n you to choose optimism n happiness no matter the situation n see how much good vibes we spray on to our world.


3. Create value and make a difference; I just admire how coke as a brand has created so much value from the first bottle sold to now! The kinda lives that have been made better n nourished from the employees to consumers is something worth applauding. Did I mention their sustainability efforts with new plant bottle? Any brand that is Eco conscious has my heart. I would love to grow in to such a lifestyle brand, that whatever n whoever I rub shoulders with gains some value. Everybody wants this, no?

4. Content execellence; see how they have moved to generating content that connects to the human part of us! Human story telling is rapidly taking over the marketing and branding strategy of traditional media. We find ourselves drawn to ‘share a coke with Atieno’ and straight up all Atienos feel connected! The current ad for brotherly love just reminds me of the puns my bro would pull on me as I enter the bathroom, he’d switch off lights and heater only for me to scream so loud then he’d quickly come to my rescure. Content wise, I think it’s time we started moving away from creative execellence to content excellence. Let’s face it, nothing is new under the sun and no matter how creative your idea is, it’s an inspiration of something modified already out there. Ain’t no more Einsteins n Newtons no more with original shit.



5. Create conversations; do you guys feel that we are moving into the world that we’ll no longer need our mouths for talking coz android power will have taken over? I kinda feel like now-a-days we talk way more online than in real life n for a chatter box like me, I feel like bits of my voices are being silenced by my so called self. I just admire how no matter what content coke creates, they got to spark some conversation going among consumers n competitors. The current ad has us all tripping over the fact that someone cannot literally knock your bottle as you’re drinking coke coz you’d sneeze n cough your lungs out. See the way the boy just looks at his bro like ‘nigger what?’ You’d choke so hard ha ha ha. Try it. Still, it got us all talking n blogging ha!!

6. Passion and Consistency; gotta give it to brand coke!! So passionate a brand you’ll literally become a believer of their open happiness after being a critic!


Well lovers, there is always something new worth learning from daily and worth appreciating and being grateful for just as they reminded me that night, appreciating and celebrating the media for supporting them this far.

As I got back to sippin n nibbin, we have convos n querries on the other brands of soft drinks n what has worked in Kenya n it’s where I learn Kenyans dint respond well to Fanta tropical, strawberry rem them? And def light moments and photo sessions with the Head of Marketing Coca-cola and and the MD.

S/O to Acacia for the good food and even playing  one of my 254 favs ▶ SautiSol. It was a dope night I literally forgot to take pics of the interior n decor but not to worry, we going back for leisure soon ☺☺.


Boss Lady Head of Marketing Noma


The soft spoken n humble MD, with such an exotic Italian Name I can’t even spell. PS he thought my style is dope 😝


Sending lots of Love, Light, and a bottle of coke your way! Just taste the feeling ☺✋✋✋❤.

Love x Light

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  • Reply CVR November 18, 2016 at 8:09 pm

    Here I am again spreading optimism and happiness as seen on your second pointer. Coca Cola is one of those brands that have not only fought all the odds to survive, they have managed to create a voice for themselves as a thought leader in the industry. The event seemed to have been fun, and seems like you enjoyed a lot. Keep up moving gurl 😘😘

    • Reply Ruth Adallah November 21, 2016 at 11:46 am

      ❤❤❤❤ keep those positives flowing. The world could use alot more of that. It was fun n empowering. Thank you doll for passing by. Love. Love. Love.

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