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Whatido? How are you feeling the taste of life? Feels so good to be back here again, am literally bubbling with Joy underneath!! I woke up so stoked today, with that good good feeling filling up my blood stream making me so hype n bubbly guys at work actually think I got laid a good one aki hahahha!!

I have no personal news to share with you but that of my loved ones. I am feeling gratitude for the good things hapenning to some of my loved ones and I thought I’d share in their goodness.

Guys!! My friends are winning in life yo!!

From career growths, dreams manifesting, baby showers, engagements (Hi Myra hihihihi am still stocked n teary), endorsements to self awareness and enlightmenet! Good things are happenning!

I am so happy!


It’s so surreal! So BEAUTIFUL and inspiring too. I feel blessed to watch their evolution!

Sometimes, it only takes good things to happen to those you associate with to keep your belief of good things coming afloat. Don’t get me wrong, we personally have good things going on too but today I wanted to celebrate my people’s blessings!

I had one long conversation with my gurl Mandii (The Throwdown Queen) last night catching up on where we are at in life, career wise, dreams, desires, our content creation, love life name it! It’s important that you have a support system of like minded people to always keep each other in check n call out each other where you’re slacking at.

As creatives, our industry is not so factual and most cases you have to figure shit out on your own, define your narrative, sell it, hoping people will buy it. It gets tough at times especially when that lame human need of wanting your ART to be recognized strikes, that you can easily get sucked into giving up.

What am so stoked about is how resilient my peeps have gotten!! How everyone is just busy grinding expanding their ART. My rant wall Sly ( I just call sly to rant about shit hahahaha) @SylviaOwalla has grown into an amazing model with her beautiful face gracing top commercials from Hub of Africa to Crown ads in the country to internatinal publications like Vogue Italia!! Gurl!!! Hollywood here she comes!! Keep on shining mama. Keep on checking my a** too where am slacking. You are appreciated much!! Aheri 🙂

Maan, I garra S/O Miss Mandii for constatntly pushing her self n love for food storytelling! Dude!! First, follow her on the gram n eeerwhere else @MissMandii n her food blog @missmandithrowdown for easy yummy food recipes n generally good vibes!!

I rem how the throwdown started form us just loving her food n always raiding her fridge and bullying her too cook for us. A few years later, A website, Vlog and a huge community of food lovers who believe in her ART and passion and to top it off some really dope ass collabs and opportunities to grow her passion for food blogging. I look at how she has expanded n shipped her, art even incorporating food illustrations, and stories. All I can think is :WOW!! Keep revolutionizing the game mama!! I am so proud of you!


Another one is Kevo Abbra. Super stylist and prop master!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My brotherman from another mother!!! From sharing meals together in the cheapest fast food joints our pockets could afford, treking our way to the grind, pitching ideas n no one buying them to FREAKING CNN covering his work and getting accolades from the likes of Jammie Foxx, Snoop Dog, Mos Def! Yaani!! Go to his IG @KEVOABBRA2  just see for yourself! I am so proud of you brathe! Let’s keeping believeing in our dreams till the end of times, even when we sleep on the floors of each other’s spaces hahahah! Ni juu tunapanda!

@CarydonVidah of peachesonblue! I rem when we started talking of her starting a blog, she seemed abit hesitant and took almost a year to start but when she did!! SHE DID the Nya Ugenya way! VIBRANT!!! Head over to her space n see the amazing feels n vibes she is churning! I am so happy for you Aluoch!! Let’s keep going to Italy, Rome and other nice places through your eyes 🙂

@TianaDestiny : The poet!! I am so glad she is starting a blog soon to share her poetry! Guys, kiddo can spit! N rhyme! N you know how I love me some good word play! I was so happy when she hit my DM tellig me she has finally started the journey of sharing her magic and passion with us! Thank you Aconso! Keep it up dear!

@Midaye, now this one!! Where to begin!! The fire in your soul mama!! The glow of your skin! The radiance in your Smile and the ENERGY of your being!! The world has a long way to go before it notices this bebe! I am glad I sparked your fire to re open your hair blogging page. You are such a ball or fresh talent on the fashion n hair blooging scene! Let’s make it all the way up!! UUUUP!!

I can go on n on highlighting everyone even those who are not my friends personally but I follow their journey but this post would never end.

“From little things, big things grow”

n today, am here to remind myself and anyone needing the reminder!

Keep putting your ART out here even if em’ likes are 3 hihihihi, you just never know who the fouth like might be, n the wave they will bring on to you!

N if you get to the road to your journey, keep #ThatGoodGoodFeeling flowing n touching everything else around you!!

Rem: To be victorious, we must find GLORY in the LITTLE THINGS. ONE

What are your friends winning in?

Have a good evening

Love x Light x Sunsets!!


ps: Aye Monae is WINNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYTHING MAN. EVERYTHIIIIING!!

small ps: Pics are recycled from my very first Blog shoot captured by my nephew Tyler and his then nanny hihihi. If I have never bullied you for pics, you make me uneasy hahahaha!! Nway, I wanted to use these pics coz I was elated n grateful about  finally getting back to blogging n today, they reflect exactly how I feel again about my friends, winning. I am elated. Grateful!


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