The lady with a beautiful Spirit and a glass of wine on her hand

Hello ❤ers


Flash back to last Friday and it’s like 6:30 pm and am having this mental debates wether to rush back home n dress up for wine tasting at Sovereign or not. Don’t get me wrong, had been unwell past previous days n was not sure I’d be well by Friday to show up. It’s wine tasting 2!!!! Guys rem the first one where we met the most beautiful set of blue eyes? Well….

Am rocking these 80s ciggy pants and a vintage top and brogues on my feet that fashion bloggers would have a whole topic on my look if I showed up for a wine event like this….


“KEV, think I can show up a wine tasting like this?” I ask my nigga… “hell yeah, you look fresh…you’re like a lady who knows her shit (hahaha). It’s just so you… the free spirited you, infact if am at a gig, I’d def try hit on a chic dressed like that”. He says. Kevin is hilarious we all laugh as I wait for the show to end so I can freshen up leave.

I arrive at Sovereign with a friend and notice they have changed the venue to the amazingly beautiful nature inspired pool area. The area is abuzz with chit chats, laughter and giggles here n there. Quickly grab my sit and we start catching up here and there…

John is at it again taking us through wines, how to make wine in processes that look like the things I failed in Chemistry. I snap some shots of the processes, not that I’ll try DIY wine or something but for you lovers to see ☺


Mr cheerful- full of life- John Legebeke- The Sovereign Manager




A couple soon joins us and asks if they can share a table with us. They are American and seem so sweet esp the lady who smiles as she sits. Usual pleasantries, I learn she’s called Hannah.


Meet the bubbly full of life n sweet smiles Hannah Frank ☺

We start talking… (trust me to start)…just flowing with the vibe… A waitress comes to serve us and I witness something so beautiful about Hannah.

She gets up pressing her palms together, head bendingto the left and  says “oh millicent, it’s so good to see you. Please put the tray down so I can hug you properly”. Millicent is the waitress who was bubbling with joy at the sight of Hannah. She follows her request n they hug for about 30 secs like old friends who’ve not seen each other in a min. It was so beautiful. I could tell they have such a good bond. Am in awe of Hannah ‘s spirit. Such a light beam. Millicent goes on to serve us our first taste as they catch up with Hannah and it’s where I learn Hannah had stayed at the Sovereign when she was new in Kenya, Kisumu and Millie was in charge of her room.



Mashed cheese potatoes and grilled salmon with some yummy sauce


I would go to Sovereign daily for the Salad maan. Soooo freaking yummy.

Her fiancee quickly excuses himself and asks if we mind keeping his lady company. Am now wondering whatsup coz he seemed so low. Guys, you do know I asked, right?

“Is he okay? Where is he going? ” am already onto Hannah. “It’s a very emrassing n tough night to be an American” she replies as embrassed as real aki. Am like, “why?”  Forgetting it’s the inauguration night… “He feels bad about what’s going on back home. I’m disappointed in America. I mean how do we go from the Obamas to the Trumps. The grace, class, wisdom n elavation that was the Obamas. How do we vote in a rascist n sexist? We are like the joke of the world now.” Hannah tells us. All this time am in awe…. In love… In admiration of her spirit. Her rawness. My goodness. She goes on to tell us her fiancee needs to sleep it off, that the reality is just too much for him to bear. Let that sink in…Guys, there are real humans out here!! Eh!  My friend n I were literally astonished at these two wonderful beings.

I move around capturing moments n the emotion in the room… A section of the pool area (the awning) is filled with white folk.


I get cold feet to go there for some very strange reason… Am nervous! I take a few mins shooting the wine display area…


How dope?

N finally get guts to enter the awning. Am snaping, showing pics to the guests as we marvel at the captures, smiles… I see two afro American ladies in a corner, and approach them, one has nice brown girl fro n looks like a young hip black mama living in Brooklyn, married to a local sherrif and her son plays basket ball in the county team. She looks like she bakes cakes and sells in her free time. She looks like she never misses community meetings and is very vocal on matters community. Her smile welcomes me… I snap some shots n as she checks them out,  she says she loves my sense of style. I cringe coz I don’t usually know how to react to compliments.


Doesn’t she? (Lady in black) Beautiful smile right there too ☺



Jasmin feeling all girly n sweet next to her boo Tommy. Hi guys ☺


Event host Sir Alistar


Chit chat here n there n faaar across the table as am about to snap the next lens victims, I lock eyes with the set of blue eyes… He’s smiling so hard now… I stick my tongue out 😝 n shrug n move away to capture other guys.


He starts laughing as I approach his table.. .I stretch out my hand n he opens his arms… For a min am trippin… Should I bend?  Why can’t he get up if he wants a hug?… I still stretch my hand n he pulls me towards him n gives me a hug n I hug back with one arm hahaha (OK, I give good hugs, just that I was holding my cam in one hand).  “You’re looking gorgeous… He says. You live in Nairobi or Kisumu” he asks… “Hi blue, I live in KSM now” he’s quick to tell me he still hasn’t changed n still hates pictures… I shrug n reply ” yeah, I didn’t intend to capture people who are not full of life” he laughs… I walk away. I can bet he was staring. Ever felt  pair of eyes following your back?  Karibu hata nigongee meza ingine apo. Eh.


Myra n le boo + a friend


Bffs: Alistar, Aboxan (mmeona huyu Churchill Live? Kisumu’s finest comedian) & Nick.


Big Boss at the Sovereign

I quickly get back to my table n jaz joins us too… my girls here are now so chatty.. ..wine kickin in. As we sip n munch, my pal is on her phone playing candy crush… Yes guys! At a wine tasting full of strangers to meet.


Jaz ☺☺☺



Different Colors… one People… One Love ☺❤

I turn to Hannah we start talking about ourselves, careers, passions, life, plans for the year, projects close to our hearts… We get so lost in each others way of life. She loves that I write, notes down my blogsite.  Yaani we gel-d. She is amazed about the 50 books a year challenge n says she’s joining us. Guess what… She’s read four books already as am struggling to finish book one (I will by weekend). I learn she’s a teacher, a home school teacher and count stop marvelling at that concept n experience. I would so homeschool my babies too. Ain’t having no system teaching my kids everything but self love and awareness. Yes. Dear future baby daddy 😉 deal right?

Her bosses are into bicycle manufacturing and have a huge workshop of bicycles….I learn this as we discuss what we are excited about for 2017. I tell her wanna join a cycling club coz I miss cycling when in the city. We marvel at how cool it would be to have an all girl cycling club n go cycling weekends far away from the cbd. They (The bosses) are also the couple behind ‘World Bicycle Relief an org that donates bycicles to girls in rural Kenya for easy access  to school. Guys!!!! See these souls.

Have you seen some bicylcles in your village schools? First time I encountered these bycicles was during jigger campaign in my community. I rem asking my mom about them n she told me they are donated by some organization. I was in awe n more in awe when I met someone who works so close to the  brains behind this Noble initiative. I wanted to meet them. Chat with them. N tell y’all about them. Hannah was so ready n happy to introduce me to them for a chit chat. (I did… Wait for this post. You’ll love them esp Leah the boss lady).

By the fouth round.. .guys are waaaayy chattier. I snap some shots of happy faces all over and meet this lady with very fashionable shoes that I fall in love with. She quickly tells me, she sells them n we exchange contacts.


How cool, no?





Yummy rib 😜



Lighting was soo poor at the pool are got me trying out diff light shots… Love this though



Spot that print!!! Tamuuuuu. Am I the only noticing the ❤ hearts!! Love seems to be crossing my path more n more or is It I doing the crossing? Mmmh.



Warembo wa Kenya



Back on stage, John is wrapping up… Hannah decides she’s going to check on her boo and we quickly exchange contacts, plan on going thrifting together, meeting her bosses n I promise to take her to Kareoke on her last night in ksm. We hug like we are old time buddies n she leaves.

All this while am thinking good heavens!! What a beautiful spirit this lady is. I feel so good. Have you ever met someone n her energy is so beautiful n infectious it lifts you to places you can’t put to words? Well… Here’s to new friendships, new connects and good vibes.





Interiors!!!! ❤





I love interior plants!!!!

It’s now a few mins to midnight n I join my partner in good vibes miss Myra n her boo and we drive off. I can’t stop telling them about hannah n how cool she is. They can’t believe how they ditched me to their lovey dovey date n I got me a lover too hahaha. We laugh n as I get off the car n hug Myra goodnight, only thing on my mind is :Oh what a beautiful night this has been.

Looks like our 2017 intentions are starting to check in, can’t wait to meet more amazing people that lead to amazing connects and amazing moments spent.

Have a great weekend lovers. Rem, talk to real people… As much as you can… Not on phone or social media but one on one… You just never know who you might chat n connect with n the goodness that might come out of it. (You’ll get to know of the goodness that has come out of me n Hannah connecting soon ☺)

ION it’s freaking FRIYAY!! !! N guess who’s going exploring n wandering this weekend?  Meeeeeee!!!! Wait for tales n pics from my Adventure. So excited!!

Till next time,

Love x Light x Enthusiasm


PS: Don’t forget to catch a sunset if you can. A big thank you to all who scrolled through the last post n chatter. You too silent stalker ☺.

Meanwhile Today… .

FILA-nga FILA chill ☺


I loooove vintage brands!!!! #FILA ❤




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  • Reply Joy C January 27, 2017 at 7:03 pm

    The energy!!Good times😍.
    Tell Myra I miss her on IG,love and light to you.
    Have a nice weekend sissy

    • Reply Ruth Adallah January 27, 2017 at 7:16 pm

      Awwwwwe!! Yes we had good energy. I’m so glad you feel it. Thanks for stopping by love. PS Myra has gotten your msg. I hold her to it, just coz it makes you happy.

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