Shift Happens! Modern love doesn’t cut it ✌.



Why aren’t we tired of fake? Like really… Why?


You say this… But your Vibe this… 😒😒





Pictures make me happy 😃😊☺

Because, when the mind is eating… Stop it n feed the spirit!

Took these pics today… been a moody Monday full of disappointments from all quarters. Someone has even lost my camera batts! Ugh. Just here suppressing all my emotions n fighting tears. Yes. It gets gloomy even for us who love sunshine n all things bright n beautiful. It gets tough when the world you’ve chosen to be around you constantly find ways to break you. It gets even tougher when you realise you’re the one to do he healing n forgiving wether they know it or don’t do it. It gets even way more tougher when you realise just maybe, you’re getting what you deserve somehow you must have attracted it… That somehow you’ve been playing on low vibrational frequencies. Somehow you don’t even know you were. Even waaay more tougher when it’s people you care about. At such times you wonder if it’s actually OK to be alone! Is this the only way to be?

Yup. Rant post.

Still sending Love & Light


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